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Rockwell T2
Thomas Bonacci (Phoenix, US)
Rockwell vs. Merkur

The T2 is easier to grip than my adjustable Merkur. It is also a better fit to my Italian face. Not to forget, Rockwell has fantastic warranty and customer service. Thank you Rockwell!

Rockwell T2
Michel Alexandre da Silva (Brasília, BR)
Melhor aparelho!

O T2 é sensacional, recomendo a todos. Que barbear sensacional.

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit
L. (North York, CA)
Smoothest Shave Ever !

Very easy to attach the blades to the Razor. Very easy to use. I never had a closer shave before using #RockwellRazor. Happy to of tried and I am now hooked. Happy Shaving !!

Good stuff. Get some.

Shipping could be a little quicker. However, Rockwell products DO stand out. Definitely a go to.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Daniel Durham (Buffalo, US)
Great razor with a great price

After watching many reviews of this razor, I decided to buy the Rockwell 6C. I'm glad I bought this razor and find the adjustable settings perfect for my shaving needs. I wish I bought this razor years ago.

Best Razors I know of

I've tried a few different razors and these are the best. They last the longest and stay sharper longer too. Highly recommend!

Rockwell Razor Stand
Michael Maglietta (Thornhill, CA)
Great Stand, Great Products, Great Service

I'm fairly new to wet/double edge safety razor shaving. I can certainly state that this stand (White Chrome) is of exceptional build quality, and looks great. It is also quite hefty in weight, so won't slide around or tip over. Saves space on my bathroom counter too. My Rockwell razor fits absolutely perfectly in it, without any side-to-side or front-to-back flop. Tried other less expensive "generic" ones, but very poor fit. Don't let the price deter you from purchasing it, as it's worth every penny.
By the way, I've come to like Rockwell products so much that I just ordered the White Chrome T2 Razor Stand Kit on Black Friday sale. Looking forward to receiving and using it.
I am now a loyal customer, and highly recommend Rockwell products!

6S plate is the best

I have been using a 6S for over a year now as my daily driver. Can’t say enough good things! Fantastic razor! Smooth, efficient, very little irritation when I do my part.

Good razor

Excellent quality construction. I’ve settled on base plate 4, but having the option to change is great every user. Great daily shaver.

Wonderfully packaged

This was my first razor from Rockwell and I was very pleasantly surprised! Not only is the product beautifully made, but the blade gap system is fantastic, especially for those just getting into safety razor wet shaving. Add to it the very well thought out and designed packaging and you have a win win! The only negative for me was the weight of the razor which I found on the heavy side.

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit
Brooks Proulx-Durand (Brossard, CA)
Best shave ever

Very high quality product, even at the most aggressive settin, you barely feel the razor on your skin. I nicked myself a bit a did not even realize / feel it. It is also perfectly weighted, and it is easy to get a precise and confortable shave. Love it !!!

Rockwell 2C Shave Kit
Jamie Lakerveld (Maple Ridge, CA)

Rockwell 2C Shave Kit

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Marco Pedrosa (Lisbon, PT)
Rockwell 6C

I have both 6C and 6S and I love them. The 6C is a must. Incredibly good razor.

Rockwell is simply amazing

I’ve got 6C and a 6S. Both exceptional razors. The 6S is within my top 5 favourite razors. Highly recommend

Rockwell Handle - White Chrome
Yves (Becancour, CA)

Pièce de remplacement adéquate et bon service.

Rockwell Razor Stand
joebar (Thalwil, CH)
Where is the rose stand? 😉

Offer a rose gold stand and you will get my next order. 😂

Adjustable 6S Razor

Love this razor with its 6 different settings. Found the perfect setting for my regular shaves. And the remaining are great for when Iet the hair grow longer, as well as for more frequent shaving...Great Product Rockwell!!

Great for beginners

This razor has been excellent for me as a beginner safety razor user. I started on level three, found it was too aggressive, switched to level two while my technique improved and now I am back to level three. Great value for the price.

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit
Mathew Reilly (Germantown, US)
Nailed it!

I’m a long time wet shaver and have several nice razors. My daily razor is my Rex Ambassador. I say that because that’s what I now compare everything else too. I was also one of the people who bought the original Model T and had to return it because it was terrible. I almost didn’t buy this Model T2, because of that experience and because I am very happy with my current daily shaver. That being said, I wanted a quality, TTO, adjustable and was still intrigued by Rockwell. So I took a chance.

You guys nailed it. The razor and stand are immaculate. The TTO mechanism and adjustments are flawless. The knurling is great and the razor feels heavy, but in a good way. I had an awesome shave with some Murphy & McNeil soap, my Simpson brush and the supplied Rockwell blades. I have sensitive skin so I started on level 2. That knocked down my 2 day beard really nicely on the first pass. I went down to 1.5 for pass 2 and finally 1 for my third pass. Perfect! I love the audible feedback. It feels great in my hand, no slipping even when wet. I have to say I like this razor a lot. I look forward to getting more shaves in and using some other blades.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Jody Meyer (Bismarck, US)

Bought three 6S razor kits for gifts, and purchased just the 6S razor for myself. Hope the son-in-laws like them (they’ll get them as Christmas gifts); I’m enjoying mine already… very nice!

Great razor for the price!

Shipping took a while but well worth it.

A very nice razor and a terrific shabe

Having recently tried out 8 different antique and modern double edge shavers, it was a pleasure to try out the Rockwell 6S. The 6S has a nice heft to it that I enjoy. The shave is great at levels 1-4 that I have tried. Nice and close but no problems whatsoever with nicks or cuts. Truly a pleasurable shaving experience. Out of the 9 different shavers that I tried, the Rockwell 6S, by far, gave the best shaving experience. I heartily recommend this shaver. I was pleased enough to make a custom shaver stand out of 304 stainless for the Rockwell. Probably need to bead blast it to match, but it perfectly complements the razor.

Works well. Nice weight. Feels a bit small in the hand.

Rockwell Handle - 6S Black
adam redden (Dartmouth, CA)

Rockwell Handle - 6S Black

The blue 6S razor changed to the gray 6S (no color)

The blue 6S razor was chipped in one place, I returned it to have a colorless razor!