Rockwell Razors Reviews

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Great razor

Absolutely love this razor. Very solid construction and a very easy shave. The multiple bases really help me dial in the perfect shave.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Asheesh Rastogi (Seattle, US)
No Razor burns or bumps for the first time!

OMG, I love this razor so much. For the first time, I was able to shave without getting a razor burn or any bumps on my face. I love this razor.

Quality razor

High quality and feels very luxe! I love the rose gold color. I'm so glad to no longer use gross disposable expensive razors.

Rockwell Cap - Gunmetal
André Farinha (Charneca de Caparica, PT)

Muito bom!

Rockwell T2
jrmc000 (Madrid, ES)
Rockwell T2

Algunos problemas con el envío, pero estoy contento con el afeitado que ofrece la máquina.

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor
Sergei Rubtsov (St Petersburg, RU)
Rockwell 6s


Best Razor I’ve Tried

This amazing thing gives me a smooth shave and not a single cut on my face. Every double edge I’ve tried before ends up cutting my face tons…especially if I try to shave every day. My skin is very sensitive but my hair is coarse, dark and sparse. Makes it kind of difficult for me and I’m so happy I’ve finally found a razor that works for me.

Rockwell Handle - Gunmetal
André Farinha (Charneca de Caparica, PT)

Estava com problemas na maquina e contatei a Rockwell, prontificaram-se a substituir a peça. Muito bom trabalho e agradeço imenso.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Lindsey Blakely (Aberdeen, US)
Great Razor

This is the first safety razor I used (I previously used cartridges) and I’m really pleased with it! I started with the 1, then the 2, and found that 3 is perfect for my needs. It’s much easier to use than I expected.

I didn't receive the express

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Vladimir Ostrovnoy (Moscow, RU)
It is the great thing

I have Rockwell 6C and very glad with the quality of this device. Now I have bought Rockwell as a present for my father. He is a lot of happy too.

Rockwell Razors Shave Stand
Сергей Янча (Gvardeysk, RU)

Мне понравилась бритва и аксессуары к ней, а также отношение работников к клиентам

Good product

Good design, quality materials and workmanship.


Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit
James Gregory (Melbourne, US)

I’ve used double edge safety razors exclusively for face and head shaving since 2016. The Rockwell 6s razor exceeded my expectations, even after reading countless rave reviews of it’s quality and joy of use. The stand is very solid and high quality. It holds the razor with rock-steady support.I believe it’s worth much more than their asking price. I should have bought one years ago.

Brilliant Razor

Absolutely amazing shave, I will be using it for years

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit
Douglas Gaasvig (East Grand Forks, US)
Great Shave

The T2 is my first adjustable razor and I am thrilled with the quality and performance.

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit
Rob Esveldt (Rhenen, NL)
I have not received anything yet

I ordered the Rockwell T2 Razor Kit on 02/13/2022. This was sent on 02/14/2022. According to Stallion Express, it arrived at Dutch customs on 02/26/2022, after that nothing happened.

Rockwell 6S

Thanks! Very happy with the purchase. I want to thank you for your kind attention
Great razor!


This is the best safety razor i own!! The rest i threw in a shoebox. This razor on number 3 plate shaves so smooth. No irritation at all! I highly recommend this razor!

Rockwell T2
Daniel Kelly (Raleigh, US)
Great shaves!

So far I’m very happy with my T2. With any new shaver especially one that had some initial design problems, there may be lingering doubts. I did have them but after a dozen or so shaves—No doubts!

Awesome Razor!

I own quite a few. This is one of the best. Highly recommended!

Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Good Razors Overall

Started with the gunmetal 6C. Finish issues prompted after a couple of years prompted me to get a 6S. Had an issue and Rockwell was prompt in correcting. I really like the shave of both razors. To the point where I basically stopped using my other DE razors. Is Rockwell perfect? No, but they do stand behind their products.

Great safety razor

This is my first time owning a safety razor, I switched to one to see if they are a good option, it's safe to say it is, and it's probably one of the best investments I've made. I recommend to anyone whose searching for a first time safety razor.

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Marcelo Sacai (Osaka, JP)
It’s a very good shaving

It’s a very nice shaving kit ,I like so much this