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Razor Stand

The razor stand is a perfect accessory to my Rockwell 6C razor in gunmetal. Also, the razor itself has performed well. As someone who values quality I find both exceptional in that regard. It is nice to know there is a company out there still values producing quality products at affordable prices. The only thing I would like to see is the razor manufactured from brass instead of zinc for more durability like the stand.

Rockwell 6C

I bought this razor to be my travel razor, as I already owned the 6S model. They’re both great razors but find that I prefer the 6S, as it seems to glide better, is easier to rinse and just feels a bit more secure in my grip. It may just be that I haven’t used the 6C as long. Bottom line, you cannot go wrong with either of these fine razors.

Good for travel

Just the right size for travelling around, and good quality too!

Great Razor

The 6c provides a thorough enjoyable shave. Love the gunmetal finish.

Great blades!

That's why I ordered the 100 pack! Smooth feel, and last 3-5 shaves, depending on how long I go between shaves.

Great Razor

This is my second safety razor. Looks great and performs great.

Nice Stand

Definitely like my purchase of this razor stand. It is way easier to grasp the razor handle fully when in the vertical position in this stand as opposed to laying on the counter. It also aesthetically fits in with my bathroom decor. Win, win!

Excellent razor after two months of use

So far so good after two months of use with many different blades and shaving creams. Blade alignment and operation excellent from the start. Haven't found a blade yet that doesn't work with this razor giving a smooth and close shave each time no matter what the setting is at. One thing that could be improved is the arrow and numbers could be a shade darker on the white chrome model since those of us with older eyes need to put glasses on to see what setting the razor is on.

Rockwell 6s razor

Looks amazing!
Feels amazing!
Shaves amazing!
Z E R O irritation!


It looks good, but has developed rust.

replacement handle

I sent email to Rockwell about my handle not attaching properly to the razor head.
With no questions asked they sent me a new handle and it has been performing well since I have been using it.
110% for customer service. Well done Rockwell.
Yours sincerely
Martin Anderson

Better Performance

This razor is smooth with a good weight in your hands. The wide range of bases it was easy to find one for my skin. Ive owned an Above the Tie slant and that has been downgraded to backup. Excellent razor for the price.

no nicks or cuts!

This is the best safety razor I have used. Very happy I purchased this. Glides along the skin without any irritation.
Very well built, excellent weight distribution really like the different settings, so easy to set up and use.

Great service

A great razor was made better by the quick response and replacement when I had a problem

Great shave every time

Really love my set nice looking stand and razor with a good and soft brush. Razor gives me nice clean shave when I put it on an aggressive setting. Started with an R1 razor but 6C is a better choice for me because of its 6 different settings that I can choose depending on how long is my beard. Overall a very quality razor no need to look further this one is a keeper. Great job from Rockwell!

The Best Shave Ever

I have been using razors that claim to offer smooth, clean shaves. The I ordered the Rockwell 6S. What a shave! The 6S is far superior to any razor I have ever used in the 50 years of shaving.

Morning Chill

This is the best razor I've ever owned. Razorhead No. 6 + Feather Blade = the most suave shaving experience, metal and flesh blend together with no nicks or irritation. Just keep steady and you will be forgiven what others won't. On some occasions,I do get some red little sparkling dots, but smoothness is well above anything else I've tried, be it the R41, Rocca, EJ 89, or other very soft and cheap Victor/Vintage Chinese niceties. They are all good, even the Chinese thing is surprisingly precise, but the ROCKWELL 6S IS JUST THE BEST.


Great razor! If you are debating between the 2c and the 6c, the #6 plate (6c) is worth the upgrade.

Razor for life

I have received yesterday the kit . I'm very happy and during weekend I will try all: cream, blade, brush and razor .
The razor is fantastic, very good made, balanced weight, strong and very beautufil object . The cream is soft , like a cream, and the fragrance is cool.
Blades are elastic and seem very sharp, I will try . Syntetic brush is soft , I have one similar . Usually I prefer a bigger brush but also this I think works good on soap and on my face :-) . The delivery was in time . Great , compliment. Giuseppe

Great quality product and exactly what I was hoping for.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I was looking for a stand for my honey's razor and brush. I have looked at competitors and I was not going to spend hundreds of dollars for the same thing.

Rockwell 6S - well built!

This razor is very well built and heavy and shaves great.

Learning and satisfied

Ame Razor

I have been using the Rockwell S6 ever sense it came out. I wanted a back up razor for trip, so I bought the C6 in Gunmetal. I tried it out and just kept using it. Great razor. I love them both.