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Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Razor Stand Kit

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Anonymous (Simpsonville, US)
Great razor, needs a cover

Liking it so far but I'm so confused why it didn't come with some sort of cover so you can set it in the drawer without worrying about someone reaching in and getting sliced. The box is nice but it's a bit big for convenient storage, and it doesn't seem like it was intended to be used that way.

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit
Stephen Nagorny (Canton, US)
Amazing and smooth

So impressed by the feel and smooth action of the razor. My wife shaved her legs and now she’s sold on my Rockwell. Definitely worth the money and the brush I got with the kit is super soft.

Rockwell T2
C.R. (Sanger, US)

Like a couple of others on here, my first T2 was giving me rough shaves (3 setting)….leaving my face very irritated. Turns out it was uneven blade gap with one side being more aggressive than the other. I contacted Rockwell with pics of the gap differences…and they agreed…and sent me a brand new T2 that was perfect. The difference in shave quality is like night and day. This T2 is rapidly turning into my preferred razor because of the TTO and adjustability features. My other razors are a 6S, 6C, and Gillette Slim. My blade rotation is Feather, Nacet, Astra SP, and Voskhod…..with Proraso shave cream and Simpson T3 brush. In conclusion…I am a loyal Rockwell customer and admire them greatly for their great customer service. They sure treated me right on this T2 initial problem.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Bryan Aldape (Los Angeles, US)
6c Review

Works just as advertised. Smooth, easy, no cuts. Great razor

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Lev Gruber 336 (Las Vegas, US)

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit
TA (Charlottesville, US)
Incredible mild adjustable

The butterfly/Twist to Open mechanism makes this such a dream to use. No fidgeting around with opening and locking in a two or three piece.

The adjustability range is all fairly mild. You don't get a lot of blade feel, and and the cross bar under the blade is fairly protective. Its a fantastic feel. Very smooth. It gums up a bit quickly with foam so it takes more frequent washing, but its a really nice shave. The edge glides across your face, and the burnished finish makes it very smooth.

Rockwell R1 - Double Edge Safety Razor
Cecil Louis (Toronto, CA)

Good smooth shave, no nicks; I like the weight!

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades
Thiago Coser (Brasília, BR)

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Pearl Ajiero (Houston, US)

Worth. Every. Penny.


Great razor. Smooth shave and can switch it up depending on growth of beard

Rockwell 5/6 Plate - Gunmetal
Kevin Filteau (Victoriaville, CA)
My best razor to date !

My best razor to date !

I love the razor, but I was very very very very disappointed in how long it took before I received it.

The Ultimate Shaving & Grooming Kit!
Felix Puluc (Newark, US)
I didn’t get my order

I didn’t receive my order and it’s been weeks since it

Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil - Barbershop Scent
John C. Bryan, Jr. (Falls Church, US)
Great pre-shave oil

The appreciate oil helps to soften the beard, and allows the razor to glide over the skin with less friction. I recommend this product.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Customer (St. Jacobs, CA)

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell Alum Sticks
Jacob Pej (Port Moody, CA)
Too soon

I have only used it twice so far as I rarely get nicks. Slight burn, but seems to work well enough.

Rockwell T2
Robert Piccinini (Washington, US)
Great razor but blades need a little work

This a great razor with good balance and craftsmanship. The blades need. Little more flex and give

Why did I ever stop using a double edge razor?

After a couple of weeks of using the Rockwell 6S there's no going back to a electric razor or God forbid a multiple blade disposable. Using the Rockwell 6s and any number of higher grade DE safety blades there's no irritation, nor razor burn. I have super sensitive skin to the point where the only way to avoid the pain was to grow a beard. I'm using the Rockwell 6S using the #1 and #2 blade gap inserts and even using the sharpest razor blades ( the Feather ) I have not cut myself even once.....

Just right , perfect

I bought a 2C razor with the 1/3 plate, and the 3 was not quite aggressive enough. I love the finish, quality and hand feel of the razor so I bought a 2/4 plate, and the 4 is just right, it. Smooth, close shave, no nicks.

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Brian McCarthy (Pointe-Claire, CA)
A friendly razor!

This is the sweetest razor in my collection. Put in a feather blade and use a lower less aggressive setting and away you go. The blade should have been replaced but you dont have the time! No problem just crank it up a little higher and again a great shave. This razor is the reason my Futur stays in a drawer. My T2 us used every day of the week. It has never nucked me or caused razor burn. A BBS shave every day. Great balance and hand feel. A beauty to look at and a pleasure to use. Well done Rockwell!!

Rockwell Razor Stand
Get Rose - I would be in! (Georgetown, US)

Great products

Rockwell All-Natural Shave Cream and Ultra Soft Vegan Shave Brush

Great razor

I made the move from cartridges to an Edwin Jagger DE86 9 years ago. I was impressed and only use cartridges if I have to fly somewhere. The black handle on the Jagger had started to crack, so it was time to upgrade. The Rockwell 6S is amazing. It has weight to it, making shaving easy. The adjustable base plates give flexibility to the shave aggressiveness I’m after. The handle has good texture so it doesn’t slip. And being 316L (surgical) stainless steel, it will last a lifetime.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Alan B (Dallas, US)
Quality Razor

I grew up using a safety razor (in the 70s), and much later switched to cartridge razors. I received a safety razor (from the Art of Shaving) as a gift about 15 years ago, and have used it off and on (more off than on because it tends to nick me). After seeing an add online for an injection razor, I began researching reviews of razors and decided to try the Rockwell 6S safety razor. I am currently using the R3 blade setting, and I have experienced zero nicks! I may move up to R4, and will probably stop there. I like the heft of the razor, letting its weight do the work for the most part. My kit came with five Rockwell razors, though I intend to try some Gillette Platinum blades I have when I change blades next time. I'm retired, so I shave maybe twice a week now rather than every day. Great razor! By the way, I love the aroma of the Barbershop Shaving Cream.