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Rockwell T2
Sungmin Jung (Namyangju, KR)
Here's how it feels to buy and use the T2.

T2를 구매하고 사용하는 느낌은 다음과 같습니다.
우선 제가 가지고 있는 6C와 비슷하지만 다릅니다.
T2는 면도날과 레벨 변경이 쉽지만 6C는 면도가 훌륭합니다.
호기심에 T2를 샀는데 계속 사용할지는 모르겠습니다.

Here's how it feels to buy and use the T2.
First of all, it is similar to the 6C I have, but different.
The T2 is easy to change blades and levels, but the 6C has a great shave.
I bought the T2 out of curiosity, but I don't know if I will continue to use it.

Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brush
Brandon F (San Antonio, US)
Best decision ive made

New to fancy shaving, learning of the economic and ecological it is. Will be looking as a stocking stuffer or just a nice gift

Rockwell Shave Soap - Barbershop Scent
Matthew Poeller (Buffalo, US)
Best Ever

I have been searching for this smell since the last time that I found a soap that had it in the UK. Kudos and brings back so many fond memories.

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

I’ve been looking at safety razors for awhile and felt the price was way to high. I finally ordered a Rockwell razor with the stand and box of blades. WOW! The only thing I regret is not buying it sooner. Very heavy and made with precision! I’ve saved myself a lot of money in the long run. Cartridges are so expensive to only throw them out after a week or two. The Rockwell safety razor will last a lifetime and changing the blade is done quickly and much cheaper than any cartridge.

Rockwell T2
Michael A Benedict (Miami, US)

I enjoy using the T 2 razor. I had problems with the first one I bought 8 months ago. Rockwell was great working with me on a replacement. I'll continue being a customer. Great warranty and customer service. Rockwell Rocks!

Rockwell T2 Razor Stand Kit

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit
Imre Németh (Budapest, HU)

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit

Gives a great shave

This razor along with a #3 shim and Tabac gives me a BBS shave. Totally smooooooooth. Hats off to Rockwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockwell 6C Shave Kit
Jeff Starr (Trenton, US)
Fantastic shave

One of the top five razors. Smooth and efficient. Customizable for any day, any way.

6s is awesome.

A great razor with an amazing amount of versatility. It’s packaged nicely, fit and finish are perfect and shipping was fast.
Loaded with a feather hi stainless, and R-6 plate, this razor makes short work of my extremely course hair.

Rockwell Razor Stand
K.D. (Minneapolis, US)

Still waiting for it to come in Rose.

I love the razer.

Rockwell T2
Matthew Gamble

Rockwell T2

I'm very happy with this Purchase

Honestly my 5 star rating is what I believe it will evolve to in the next weeks to come. I only had a Merkur 34C previously. The 6S is much heavier and has the option of being much more aggressive.I'm finding my sweet spot with this and am confident I will find it.

Rockwell 6C Razor Stand Kit
Nathan Skinner (Richardson, US)
Product is good, shipping is terrible

I am enjoying the razor very much but the shipping partner (Stallion Express) is absolutely atrocious! It’s taken three weeks to get my order completed.

Decent pre-shave

I am just a few months into DE wet shaving so my review might show that. Been experimenting with pre-shave creams, Rockwell pre-shave oil and even olive oil! They all seem to work. The Rockwell smells the best. The cream (Poraso) seems to make a slightly more slippery surface and the Olive oil works like the Rockwell but doesn't smell as good! Still experimenting with blades and technique so time will tell. Got my son some beard oil so picked up another of the pre-shave oil as my spouse likes the smell.

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent
Dana Alexander (Winston-Salem, US)

I love the product. Will use it as long as it is available.

Rockwell Handle - Gunmetal
Philippe Renoult (Savenay, FR)
Très bien

Bien reçu le manche. Très bon sav, je suis très satisfait du rasoir.

Rockwell 6S Razor Stand Kit
Mark James (Las Vegas, US)
I REALLY like my Rockwell 6S!!

Switched to wet shaving from an old Gillette Mach 3. Just got tired of needing a shave by the end of the day and the ridiculously high cost of cartridges. Started with a Henson but it was too mild and I ended up looking like I walked through a cat show wearing tuna after shave. Returned it and bought the 6S. Setting 3 is perfect. Super close shaves and no nicks or irritation. Very classy and it feels great in my hand. I like the weight and the stainless steel will last forever. Get one!!

Rockwell T2
Lindsay (Port of Spain, TT)
Excellent razor - I made a small mistake

Excellent shave, the ability to use different aggression settings easily is very useful. But, for my first shave, felt that butterfly was closed because it felt tight. But it wasn’t, got some scary blade chatter and realized that it needed to be cranked down some more. No cuts, luckily. Just remember to tighten properly.

Rockwell 6s Razor

Great Razor very happy with purchase

Razor is great, Shipping was not!

I ordered this razor from your website since it’s the only place I could find to get a rose gold one as a biirthday present for someone. Unfortunately, no where on the website did it say it was out of stock. I ordered the razor and it said it would be a week before the shipment was in and then it would be sent out with expedited shipping. Well that took well over a month before it was even shipped. If I would have known it was going to take that long, I probably would have just ordered a colored 6S.

Rockwell T2 Shave Kit
Rodrigo Alencar (Barueri, BR)
Great Kit Great Shave

Rockwell gives me an awesome shave blades are super comfortable and smooth the soap cream has an incredible scent and a glorious lather that only feels better because this super synthetic brush. The kit only downside it doesn't came with razor support.

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor
Roy Bleicher (Paris, FR)

Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

Good Enough

I've had several problems with Rockwell's quality control... Originally purchased a T2 with some issues, got a replacement which still had defects, and then decided to exchange it for a 6S. I am happy with the shave now, although the cosmetic appearance of the razor is lacking, with some dings and a slanted pattern on the knurling. Their customer support is great, but as an international client all of this changing around of packages has cost me dearly on shipping, import and export fees.

Rockwell 6S Shave Kit
Chris Barrineau (Cleveland, US)

Top Quality In a day a age where quality seems to slowly dissipate .