• Rockwell Barbershop Soft Goods Collection

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Rockwell Barbershop Soft Goods Collection

Rockwell Barbershop Soft Goods Collection

400 total reviews

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An incredible shave is all about the prep, and key closing steps. 

The ever-popular Rockwell soft goods collection features your choice of Rockwell Shave Cream or Classic Shave Soap, Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil, Rockwell Aftershave Balm and our Activated Charcoal Beard and Body Bar.

Your skin will thank you.

Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil is an essential first step for achieving an effortless, perfect shave. Our unmatched natural formula that locks in moisture while protecting and nourishing your skin.

Rockwell Post-Shave Balm soothes freshly shaved skin and hair, deeply nourishing and pampering to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. This natural balm will leave your skin feeling fantastic and smelling great all day.

Rockwell Beard & Body Bar Thoughtfully formulated to clean both skin and facial hair, the Beard and Body Bar uses premium jojoba oil, shea butter, and activated charcoal to leave your skin fresh and moisturized, while coffee acts as a natural exfoliant. A versatile, multi-purpose soap that leaves you smelling extraordinary.

Rockwell Shave Cream uses a thoughtful, glycerin-based formulation of natural ingredients and soothing oils to prepare even the coarsest hair for a close, quality shave. Our unique shave cream provides a superior lather that leaves your skin feeling taut and refreshed after every shave.  

Rockwell Shave Soap provides a fantastic lather and will leave your skin feeling taut and refreshed after every shave. Please note Rockwell Shave Soap requires a Shave Brush to create a lather 

Classic ‘Barbershop Scent’ with notes of Leather, Neroli, Anise, Lilac and Cedar

All natural ingredients, paraben and phthalate free.

Made in Canada: Rockwell Shave Cream, Rockwell Shave Soap, Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil, Rockwell Post Shave Balm

Made in USA: Rockwell Beard and Body Bar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 400 reviews
Mike Perreault (North Bay, CA)
Fantastic aftershave

Smooth and cool, non-greasy and provides hours of comfort after a shave. Doesn’t burn at all and smells great!

Garry (Winnipeg, CA)
Shave Soap

I tried both the shaving cream and the shaving soap and my preference is the soap. I find the soap easier to work with and smells great.


Tremendous shaving cream. Perfect if you want to use other aftershave scents. So refreshing and creamy smooth. I was using two of the best shaving creams around when I got this, and didn't use the other ones until this was done!

Attila Jáger (Budapest, HU)
Barbershop collection

I’m totally satisfied with what I bought. It makes great lather, both cream and soap with a nice scent. With the balm and oil it’s a perfect family. I enjoy using them very much!

Felipe Beskow (Tramandaí, BR)

Rockwell Aftershave Balm - Barbershop Scent 4oz


Love this scent. The soap seems to leave my skin feeling a bit dry though?


Love the scent and the shave. Customer for life. A+


Love this scent. Have been using for a while and am a return customer.

Dmitry Ternovsky (Don Mills, CA)
Very good

Works perfectly, smells great.

Leonard Bolton (Guelph, CA)

Great product