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Very pleased!

I've only used my Rockwell 2C a couple of times since I received it, but I am very pleased with the results. The razor is well made, and gives a good solid feel in the hand. Highly recommended!


So far so good. I enjoyed the finished product the first time I used the razor. It shaves very close and doesn't cut you like the old style that I learned on 50 yrs. ago LOL. Have only had a few shaves with it but I know I will enjoy it for a long time.
Thanks Wally in Calgary

Best Shave

Absolutely happy with my 6C Safety Razor, I am getting one shaving kit for my brother.

Can’t beat it

I made the change from my fusion pro-glide to the Rockwell 6-C. First thing I have to say is WOW what a nice looking razor. I use to hide my razor in the cabinet now I keep it out on display!

Man does this thing change my morning routine. I use to dread having to shave I have sensitive skin espically on my neck and chin. This razor, with one blade, shaves cleaner, smoother, and faster than the fusion. Plus I got 2 years worth of blades for the price of 4 cartridges!

The shipping was fast. The product is excellent. The feeling is great.

Thanks Rockwell!

Review of Rockwell 6C

Razor is great