Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brush

$ 15 USD

Whether you’ve been classic shaving for years or this is your first classic razor, our custom-designed synthetic brush bristles were made with you in mind. Exceptionally soft bristles with a fantastic firm “backbone” make this the last brush you’ll ever need to purchase!

The Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brush comes with a lathe-turned black acrylic handle.

Stand not included.

Dimensions: 60mm Loft, 45mm Handle, 105mm Overall Height. 20mm knot.

Customer Reviews

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It's a brush

The wooden handle feels good in my hand, and was lighter than I thought it would be. I was mildly concerned that the bristles might come out easily, but that's not the case. The synthetic bristles are stiff, but not unpleasantly so. I'm very happy with this brush.

Синтетическая кисточка для бритья Rockwell

Excellent shaving brush, neat, small and its under-soak and dry on a stand pile down, as it is made of synthetic fibers! I was satisfied with the purchase! Ordered on (for $ 15) along with other accessories, in Russia did not buy (so is $25)...

Shave brush

I have some synthetic bristles. Yours has personality, it's not too soft, it's not too harsh, keeps the water and the soap. In my opinion at this price it is one of the best.

Review of Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brush.

Outstanding brush in all aspects!
Well made, quality craftsmanship, stiff bristles, nice handle.
Whips up the cream or soap well!
Feels good on the face while lathering.
2 thumbs up!
Well done Rockwell!
Chuck McCall.

Good for the price.

Definitely a good brush for less than $20. The brush is soft on the face and whips a good lather is does splay out nice haven't lost many hairs I dont use it every day but it is on the rotation. I cant compare it to a badger brush but I would recommend it.

New shaving brush

Just received my Rockwell shaving brush. It's nice and soft to the touch. Lathers up well. The bristles dry reasonably quickly, which is great for traveling . Looking forward to many great shaves. I Recommend this shaving brush.

Shane brush

Never used one before now actually love it helps your beard stand up for a closer shave so far all my Rockwell products have been awesome going to order some aftershave balm

Not recieved yet


Shaving Brush

I had bought a synthetic shaving brush from another company some years ago to much disappointment. When I bought the kit from Rockwell I had very low expectations for the synthetic brush in the kit.. I’m happy to report that this synthetic shaving brush is quite nice, in that the softness really is a big plus. Although I keep this brush at our beach house, I would not hesitate use it as my everyday brush.

A really surprising brush and great value!

This brush came with my Gift Set which I bought primarily to try their cream - What a pleasant surprise this brush is! My go-to brush is an Edwin Jagger Best Badger so I didn't expect much here but it really is a nice little synthetic brush! Very soft and cleans up and dries quickly.

If you prefer your brush on the soft side I encourage you to try it - It's a great value and a keeper - I have used it all week! :)