Rockwell R1 - Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 15 USD

The R1 is the perfect razor to get started with double-edge shaving. Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.

This entry-level safety razor is sure to put you off cartridge razors for good so that you can finally get an excellent shave at an incredible value.

The Rockwell R1 uses Rockwell double-edge razor blades, but is compatible with any brand of double edge blades.

This precision shaving device features an impressive butterfly head that lets you load Rockwell Blades with ease, while our premium, Swedish Stainless Steel Blades guarantee any wet shaving beginner their most comfortable shave yet.

Comes with 5 Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel Blades. Upgrade to a 100-pack of blades (2-year supply) at checkout for only $15.

Customer Reviews

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This razor makes shaving special

This is a great razor. It's got a great grip and super secure screw-in mechanism to hold the blade in the razor. The razors themselves are super sharp and flexible but I miraculously haven't sliced myself open yet. As long as you move slowly, with short strokes, and check the angle you're using with the razor, you shouldn't have a single problem. Using this razor has helped me cut down on a ton of waste, as well, as I only have to buy recyclable blades from this point on. I'm super in love with this purchase and recommend it to everyone I know. Frankly, shaving is kind of a special treat now. I've had no in-grown hairs and very little irritation and it delivers a really good shave.

R1 safety razor

Perfect razor, perfect shave. I bought the razor yesterday and today I made my first shave with it. Much better shave than the one I did with my previous razor (Wilkinson sword classic double edge razor - black, plastic). Much deeper shave with safety and without any cuts. Thank you Rockwell!

Closest, cleanest, most affordable shave ever

For buying the R-1 razor and 100 razors, even at a razor a week (which they last MUCH longer than that) you’re paying $.21 a week to shave! Why buy a pack of 4 razors that costs $26 when you can use the same product your granddaddy used and pay a fraction of the price?!
If it isn’t the best value you purchase all year, I don’t know what will.


It got good weith and you can use other types of blades.

Rockwell R1

I never thought I would be able to say that I look forward to shaving but the Rockwell R1 has completely changed that. It took me one or two times to get the hang of changing to a safety razor but I have no regrets. If you are using a cartridge razor, upgrade your life.

so sleek!


Should have do it sooner...

This is the best! I have always suffered from irritation and ingrown hair but, no more! The razor glides like butter, doesn’t tug whatsoever, and delivers the closest shave I have ever had. I did manage to nick myself a couple of places. This beginner razor claims to be nick proof but I someone managed it. The nicks were very minimal and I am 100% sure it was due to not using enough shave gel and not exfoliating beforehand. I realize the other settings will give a closer shave but tbh I’m good with the R1 for life. Ladies and gents: don’t be afraid to try it!! I’m not going back to disposable/regular razors ever again!


I have an extensive classic razor collection and this is the first safety razor I bought new. I was skeptical at the price and I wasn't expecting much. I was very impressed. It's perfect for beginners or those who want an elegant well designed razor that's simple to use without worrying about cuts.

I didn't care for the blades, but that's a personal preference and by no means disqualifies the included blades.

I prefer a more aggressive shave and didn't expect that with this model. The adjustable razors is the way to go for that, but for what this razor is and it's price it went far beyond what I expected.

I think this razor is priceless and despite wanting a more aggressive shave, I'll continue to use this razor as it does shave in places where I normally cut myself otherwise.

Also to note, clogging is always a problem for me and this razor does very well in preventing that and allowing more contact with water to rinse the blade with.

Rockwell R1

Amazing & sustainable!

Fanfastic razor

I am new to traditional shaving and this is a new razor for me and it is fantastic! The look, the feel, the weight it is just perfect!! Keep up making fantastic products. May be trying or upgrading new razor in the future