Rockwell Model T


Estimated ship-date for orders placed today: December 2018.

The Rockwell Model T is an intuitive, easy to use razor, with an adjustable dial that allows everyone to easily get a close and comfortable shave every time. 

By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that this is a preorder which is estimated to ship this upcoming December, 2018. You will be charged at the point of purchase, but a full refund will be available to you at any point prior to shipping. Photos of Gunmetal and Brushed Chrome variants coming soon...

  • • Fully adjustable to your skin type and facial hair length - just twist the dial for your perfect shave.
  • • Eliminates the skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems.
  • • Easy twist-to-open blade-loading and intuitive shave settings make it easy to transition from cartridge razors with no nicks or cuts.
  • • Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.
  • • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

Customer Reviews

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Like the model T

Just started using mine. Nice razor. Head is small enough to get close under the nose. Much lighter than my fatboy or slim gilletts. I like being able to make adjustments without having to open. In my rotation with a Timeless, Weber, Charcoal Goods and an Above The Tie SE.

Great Razor

I received the model T a month ago. I have used it everyday and feel it is a great razor. I have kept it on setting five and it gives me a bbs shave. The finish is excellent and I am extremely satisfied.


I came from a subscription razor and I don’t regret switching! This is also my first time that I have a single blades razor and it’s amazing!

Love It - Perfect Blend of Nostalgia with a Quality Shave

I learned to shave with my dad's safety razor contraption. Not sure of the brand name. I just remember that as the blade started to get dull I would have to crank the adjustment on the handle to the right. Eventually the blade got dull again and I would crank it a little more. I wish I had a dollar for each time I forgot to crank the thing back to the left when I put a new blade in - and would neatly peel off a layer of my face with my first pass after I put the new blade in. I could buy a beer. But that was my dad's razor. We are talking about the Model T here. I love it. My first mental reaction, the first time I used it to shave was "Wow, this is heavy." The second thought that came to me was "Hey, dumbass, look at what you are used to shaving with - those cheapo plastic disposable razors." Of course this is heaver. But after using it for about a month now, I can tell you that it is perfectly balanced and gives me an exceptionally smooth shave. My lady-friend has noticed that my shaved face is smoother, and she is also impressed by the "old school" factor here. She thinks it is a very "manly" way to shave, compared to using those cheap plastic crap razors or a wimpy electric razor.
I recall seeing a video review of this razor, before I received mine, where some guy was shaving his head and commented that he wasn't happy with his Model T because of ... "blade chatter"(?) Was that it? - something like that. I can't comment on how this might work for shaving one's head. For shaving my face, it is awesome. Smooth shave, comfortable handling - perfectly balanced. My dad would be jealous. Terry

A classic that is brand new.

I grew up looking at these razors afraid of them. Actually thought I was doing the hip thing by getting multiple head razors. When they first came out with their first Kickstarter It was more of a neat thing. When they came out with this it was nessesity. I’m still not a regular user, I had so many disposables to use up first.

Let me just first say wow on the packaging. Great razor, nice feel and the adjustability is great. I must admit once you get a level you like you stick with that.

I look forward to shaving. This razor and it’s older brother will be my only choice for probably the rest of my life. Great job guys. It really is a great product.

The Razor for the Right Job

The Model T does what Rockwell Razors says it does.
Overall solid quality and the dial is easy to adjust. Planning on getting one for a family member.

Love the selectable blade angle.

When I first tried it, I set it to setting one. Wasn't quite an effective shave. So I set it to level three. Got knicked a few times. So I settled on setting two. It gives a good shave, doesn't take to long, few nicks, and costs literally two cents.

The razor itself is gorgeous. I enjoy picking it up every time, and look forward to shaving.

A safety razor has some drawbacks to the conventional razor. It will nick you if you aren't careful. If you dial the setting back to be safer, you won't get a clean shave the first time and will need to make multiple passes. On the upside though, you get a sharp blade as often as you want without worrying about cost. And this particular razor is particularly beautiful.

This razor lets me enjoy the art of shaving, without sweating about shelling out $30+ when the blades run out.

Well done

The Model T is a well done, modern adjustable razor. It was well worth the wait.

The Model T Rocks!

Loading the blade I noticed that the action of TTO knob was really smooth. The doors closed smoothly and firmly over the blade. No need to crank down the TTO knob to lock in the blade, just twist until it stops. No alignment issues that I could detect. The blade sits nice and level on on the base and looks to have even exposure on each side. The doors on mine are well aligned and the finish very bright. Loaded the brush and swirled lather on. First pass; North to South. Second pass; South to North. Third pass; somewhat ATG. The handle is longer and the weight is heavier than the 6S; well balanced. I like the heft and the length. I can use exactly the same angle as the 6S. Great maneuverability; especially around my jaw and my Adam's Apple.
Third pass; Sort of ATG on my neck. This is a really a finish pass to catch what I missed on my neck and usually more ATG than just shaving upward. Great finishing pass. Once again, it shaves every bit as good as my 6S; and I love my 6S.

All in all, I love this razor. I am very pleased with the outcome. The razor seems as well built as any others that I own. It doesn't have the billet-like feel of an Above The Tie or a Wolfman. But, it is a third to one-half less expensive, so, I think it is very well made for the money. It feels sturdier than my Gillette adjustables. I would recommend one to someone looking for a well built TTO.

So, this razor goes directly into a 30 Day focus. But, it will probably unseat my 6S as my daily driver.

Smoothest shave in memory

I just got my Model T in the mail yesterday. The build is extremely solid, and the holder stand and razor dispose box is also well built. I was amazed by how smooth the razor went over my skin: I had to double-check my stubble to see that the razor actually was working. The twist-opening mechanism ensures a quick and easy clean up and is very pleasing to use. Very solid product and well worth the wait for Kickstarter backers like me.

The Rockwell Model T

The Rockwell Model T is shaving, perfected. All other razors pretend everyone’s face and facial hair is the same, resulting in millions of men suffering from daily shaving irritation and overpaying for razor marketing gimmicks or subscriptions they don’t need. The Rockwell Model T is an intuitive, easy to use razor, with an adjustable dial that allows everyone to easily get a close and comfortable shave. 


Let customers speak for us

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Perfect razor!

The razor is perfect for my needs since I only need the lowest settings for my stubble. #beardenvy

Good experience with first double-edge razor

Good experience with first double-edge razor

Awesome razor !

I enjoy this razor very much ! Very smooth and very balanced .
They really did a good job on this one

Love it

It’s a great razor. I’m new to safety razors and glad to have this one.

Well built, but too small. Razor, travel brush and a stick of deodorant is about all that will fit.