Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

$ 12 USD

Stock up on Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades with this 100-Pack! Good for approximately 2 years of shaving. 

Each Rockwell Razor blade lasts between 4 - 8 shaves, mainly depending on your facial hair thickness. Now that's true shaving value.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are made of Pure Swedish Stainless Steel and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts these blades ensures the blades retain their exceptional sharpness.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are certain to provide a smooth, close shave at an unbelievable price.  Our goal in making a safety razor blade was to create the best safety razor blade on the market, at a better price than other blades. The attention to detail and manufacturing innovations that have gone into crafting the Rockwell Double-Edge  Razor Blade have produced a blade that we feel meets both these criteria.

Customer Reviews

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Love Your Company

Also ordered your 2C....Bought your Blades First then decided to try Your Razor...Very Happy...


Works great and no plastic.

Great sustainable shave

Absolutely love this product. Very clean close shave (I use it for my beard and my head). No plastic trash. Easy to clean, so every blade can be used multiple times. This will be my razor of choice from now on. A much more sustainable and much cheaper option.

Best Blades I've Used

Although some may consider it overkill, when I started shaving this way I took the advice to "try out different blades" to heart. I got blade sampler packs from all over, and tried dozens of brands in a multi tiered six month long showdown tournament. These blades were the undisputed winner.


Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Excellent razors

Ordered 2 100 blade packs; they arrived promptly and now I have a 2-year supply of razors for cheap! Couldn't be happier.

Great blades

The best? Don't know. But they do a very great job.

Great Price for a Great Product

Have a great level of sharpness to lasting edge. Some of your sharper blades (Feather) are nice and sharp on the first shave, but dull easily. You have some of your duller blades (Derby Extra) that are never sharp, but keep the same sharpness for many shaves. This product gives you a great sharp edge that actually lasts. At the time of this writing the blades are $12.00 for a pack of 100. This is a great price for what you are getting. You'll pay twice that for Feathers or Kais for about the same sharpness. Derby Extras can be had for a lot cheaper, but you can also shave with a cheese-grater if purchasing the Derby Extras. The Rockwell DE Blades are fantastic, especially the newer version. They really have something going for them in all their products. I am an extremely happy customer.

Great Blade for a Great Price

Blades are smooth and sharp, highly recommend!

Excellent quality

These razor blades are great! I switched to a Rockwell razor to stop using plastic disposable razors to help the environment, but these razor blades made it more affordable for me to make the switch. And they are very high quality