Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

$ 12 USD

Stock up on Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades with this 100-Pack! Good for approximately 2 years of shaving. 

Each Rockwell Razor blade lasts between 4 - 8 shaves, mainly depending on your facial hair thickness. Now that's true shaving value.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are made of Pure Swedish Stainless Steel and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts these blades ensures the blades retain their exceptional sharpness.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are certain to provide a smooth, close shave at an unbelievable price.  Our goal in making a safety razor blade was to create the best safety razor blade on the market, at a better price than other blades. The attention to detail and manufacturing innovations that have gone into crafting the Rockwell Double-Edge  Razor Blade have produced a blade that we feel meets both these criteria.

Customer Reviews

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I’ve tried several brands of razor blades, but I really like the Rockwell blades! Along with the 6S and the Rockwell shaving cream (or TOBS or Jack Black), I get amazing shaves!

Great shave! Great value!

I'm a new wet shaver and as such spent my first two months or so trying 2 different razors in combination with 4 different blades. To begin with I settled on the Rockwell 6C razor. However, I never found my sweet spot with blades...until I combined the 6C with these Rockwell blades. I came across the Rockwell blades on some online review - never thought of them before then. Oh my, who would of thunk that the makers of a great razor would make an awesome blade to go with it. Go figure. To say the least, these blades give a great shave - sharp and efficient. Combine that with the price and it tough to find a better deal. You rock Rockwell! Bet that's been used before.

it's pretty awesome

for real, best blade i've ever used before, not to sharp, very smooth, friendly with people has bad skin (like me).

I love this razor.

Shaving is one of the experiences I treasure the most in my day. It is cathartic and relaxing. The Rockwell razor I bought has enhanced my daily routine. I actually look forward to using it. I like the sound and the feeling of the blade against my face. I’m getting my son one for his birthday.
You gotta try it.


Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Nice and sharp

Never using anything but double edge safety razor again:

Best razorblades i have used

For Christmas i got Rockwell R1 - Double Edge Safety Razor with orginal blades.
I have tryed many type of razors and blades - but not get the smooth shave i wanted. With Rockwell R1 I get the clean and smooth shave. The blades are the best i have used so far. The razor is also the best I ever used. This is my favorite the razor and the blades. keep up the good work :-)

High quality for a reasonable price

Do not let price fool you. These blades are top quality and perform way above their price tag.

I have rather coarse stubbles and these blades, when paired with the Rockwell 6S, gives both a comfortable and close shave.

This 100-pack should last a while, but once I run out, I will be back for more - No doubt.


I am brand new at using these types of razors. I have not cut myself once while using these blades. They provide a close shave and cheap! A must buy!

Great Products

Super affordable, looks good and works amazing! Best shaved I’ve ever had.