Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

$ 18 USD

Stock up on Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades with this 100-Pack! Good for approximately 2 years of shaving. 

Each Rockwell Razor blade lasts between 4 - 8 shaves, mainly depending on your facial hair thickness. Now that's true shaving value.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are made of Pure Swedish Stainless Steel and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts these blades ensures the blades retain their exceptional sharpness.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are certain to provide a smooth, close shave at an unbelievable price.  Our goal in making a safety razor blade was to create the best safety razor blade on the market, at a better price than other blades. The attention to detail and manufacturing innovations that have gone into crafting the Rockwell Double-Edge  Razor Blade have produced a blade that we feel meets both these criteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 331 reviews
Thiago Coser (Brasília, BR)

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

Sophia Vaughn (Strafford, US)
Love it!

I’m so glad I bought the 100 pack of razor blades! Great price and great quality. Always gives me such a good shave all over!

Andrew Macpherson (Calgary, CA)
RW de blades

Good shaves. Four weeks worth, it seems.

Matthew Glowacki (Toronto, CA)

Killer product! Great quality and long lasting…throwing away just the blades means a huge improvement to waste reduction from typical razors.
Highly recommend!

Cheryl Brownell (Brantford, CA)
Double edge razor blades

High quality

Britta (Courtenay, CA)
Excellent !

My husband will not use any other blade for shaving!

Mike Orsini's (London, CA)

Great Product!

Malcolm Crawford (Brossard, CA)
Rockwell Blades, value and comfort

At first I had some problems with the razor and the blades did not fit well. At that time I blamed the blades but it eventually led to a bad end cap. The blade tolerance is actually much tighter than other leading blades so they fit more snugly on the posts of the razor. This makes the symmetry of the 2 edges exposure pretty bang on. Shaves are much more even and less chatter.
Overall a very nice product priced very well.

Scott Cranston (Saskatoon, CA)
Nice razor

Really like the shave, maybe my last razor ?

John Mcfetrick (Victoria, CA)
Best Shave Ever

I’m never using disposable razors again. Close. Very close.

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