Summer Beard Guide

Summer Beard Guide

The scorching summer heat can be a breaking point at which most men abandon their facial fuzz. Add humidity to this mix and it seems impossible to tame it! But that doesn't mean you have to shave it all off. In fact some proper grooming can dramatically elevate your look with only minimal input. 

Here are a few steps that will make your beard summer-proof!

Pick a summer style 

If you've made the decision to grow out your facial hair this summer and beyond, you should know that you'll need to approach the care of your beard differently. In preparation for the heat, you may wish to shorten your hair. Using a pair of carefully crafted scissors, you can take as much length of your beard as you'd like without making it appear thinner and less dense.  Once you have your summer style set, you are ready to keep it looking its best.

Wash it the right way

Once you've grown and shaped a beard style that complements your face, it needs just as much love and attention as the hair on top of your head. The biggest hurdle to growing a beard is the infamous itchiness! But we've got the solution covered - washing & moisturizing! 

We suggest washing your beard at the start and end of every day. It would easily eliminate the stickiness along with all the dirt and debris that your hair must be carrying. To top it up, apply a lightweight conditioner that leaves your beard shining.

Don't ditch the beard oil

Summer brings in sweat and causes stickiness around your facial area which can lead you to stay away from beard oils! But that can worsen the problem as the heat and constant change of indoor and outdoor temperatures can leave your hair feeling dry. Just swap your regular oil with a lighter beard oil that can eliminate beard itch, dry skin and patchy hair - without the greasy after-effects.

Once you apply oil, run a comb against the grain of growth. This is a great way to untangle any knots and spot any uneven growth. Brushing the beard also distributes natural oils from the skin underneath, helping to keep your beard comfortable and healthy.

Stay hydrated

Your beard's health is just as dependent on water consumption as your essential functions, such as circulation and heart health. Preventing heat stroke and increasing the ability of your cells to rejuvenate are just some of the benefits of drinking enough water. Try some coconut water or H2O instead of the fizzy drink and your beard will thank you!

For added motivation, grab some of the best beard products on the market with this Rockwell Originals All-In-One Beard Care Set and rock your summer look hassle-free!
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