Rockwell Beard Oil - Barbershop Scent

The last beard oil you will ever want to buy - Rockwell Beard Oil is formulated with organic, natural oils you can feel good about like luxurious Argan Oil, healthy Hempseed Oil, and premium Jojoba Oil. While keeping your skin and beard looking healthy and feeling fantastic (no more beard itch!) this oil softens and conditions for a more distinguished looking beard. Proudly made using quality ingredients in Canada - 2 oz. Rockwell Barbershop has notes of Leather, Neroli, Anise, Lilac and Cedar – a scent reminiscent of the classic barbershop designed for the modern gentleman.
Proudly made in Canada.
  • • Deeply hydrates and softens facial hair using all natural ingredients including Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Argan Oil.

    • Nourishing organic ingredients support healthier skin and hair over time

    • Eliminates beard itch, dry skin and patchy hair - without the greasy after-glow.

    • Classic ‘Barbershop Scent’ with notes of Leather, Neroli, Anise, Lilac and Cedar

    • Proudly Made in the Canada using natural ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Amazing aroma

Truly smells like it says it does in a very natural a amazing way. They should make a deodorant and a cologne to add to the collection with this sent. Next time I need shave soap I am going to try that. I am very curious what the difference is between the bread oil and the pre-shave oil? Can I use the bread oil as both? Great stuff!




i purchased a bottle at marks work warehouse and could not find it anymore so i ordered three bottles from your website...just received them today. great product, best i have used to date


The Barbershop fragrance from Rockwell is easily one of my favorites and this beard oil doesn't disappoint - keeps my beard supple & smells fantastic all day!

Scent can peel wallpaper it is so strong

I ordered this beard oil, along with a 6S razor. I had only heard great things about the company, so I was eager to try them out. While I like the fragrance of this beard oil, the amount of scent is entirely way too strong. I put some on in the morning, and went about my day. When my girlfriend came home that night, I was in the far corner of the house away from the front door. She said she could smell it strongly as soon as she came inside. I have had a beard for many years, and I have tried plenty of beard oils. I would wear Axe bodyspray if I wanted to announce my presence from three city blocks away. I can't imagine the need for anyone to wear something with that strong of a smell. I emailed Rockwell's customer service about this immediately, and they were very dismissive with my concerns. I had hoped for better treatment and a better product after everything good I had heard leading up to my purchase. The fragrance needs to be cut in half at a bare minimum for this to be usable. Because of this, as well as the customer service, this will be my last purchase.


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Perfect razor!

The razor is perfect for my needs since I only need the lowest settings for my stubble. #beardenvy

Good experience with first double-edge razor

Good experience with first double-edge razor

Awesome razor !

I enjoy this razor very much ! Very smooth and very balanced .
They really did a good job on this one

Love it

It’s a great razor. I’m new to safety razors and glad to have this one.

Well built, but too small. Razor, travel brush and a stick of deodorant is about all that will fit.