7 Reasons Why People Are Switching to Rockwell Razors

7 Reasons Why People Are Switching to Rockwell Razors

Everywhere you look there’s a company claiming that they've designed the world's best razor. You’ve used the same type of razor your entire life – why change it now? We dug deeper to find out why so many people are upgrading to Rockwell Razors.

1. Their razors are engineered for maximum comfort

Seriously. Rockwell's patented adjustable system guarantees a close, comfortable shave for any skin or stubble type. Their razors let you adjust the blade angle and exposure ever so slightly, allowing you to choose a setting that's perfect for your hair length, thickness, or skin type.

2. They're designed to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs

By using single, double-edge blades instead of multi-blade razors which tug and pull, you'll be doing your skin a big favor. Rockwell utilizes masterfully-honed premium blades that cut hair above the surface of your skin, preventing razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs.

3. Their razors are eco-friendly and plastic-free

Plastic straws are one thing, but hazardous plastic multi-blade razors are even tougher to recycle. Rockwell solves this problem by offering recyclable stainless steel blades and a metal blade safe with every shave kit. Plus, they have a blade mail-back program to make it easier for people to recycle their used blades.

4. They're easy and safe for beginners

Unlike traditional safety razors that are difficult to use and come with a bit of a learning curve, newcomers can transition seamlessly from multi-blade razors with zero risk of cutting themselves shaving. Try saying that about any other safety razor!

5. They'll save you a fortune in the long run

Multi-blade cartridge razors are outrageously overpriced. Yes, even those peddled by internet shave clubs. It comes with an initial investment, but a Rockwell Razor will last you your lifetime and save you hundreds of dollars a year on shaving. Replacement blades cost as little as $0.10 each and last anywhere from 4 - 7 shaves each. 

6. The experts are impressed

With shining features in Fast Company, TechCrunch, Esquire, and the Independent, it's clear that Rockwell is doing something right. Men's Health called Rockwell "The Best Gift to Get Your Significant Other" and Business Insider proclaimed that "Drug Store Razors Simply Can't Compete". Combine that with the thousands of reviews from raving fans and you'll have all the reassurance you need to make the switch.

7. They're obsessed with customer happiness

With their 100% quality guarantee, 60-day pre-paid returns policy and a relentless determination to make sure every customer is thrilled with their experience, it's no wonder why Rockwell is becoming the most-loved shaving company on earth.

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