• Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit

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Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit

Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit

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Looking to upgrade your shaving routine? Our All-In-One Rockwell T2 shaving kit has you covered. Right from prepping your skin to the actual shave to post-shave care, this kit has everything you to take your shave to the next level! 

The kit includes:

  • 1 Rockwell T2 Razor: Featuring a twist-to-open mechanism and fluidly adjustable shave settings, the T2 is guaranteed to give you a great shave, every single time.  

  • 1 Matching Razor Stand: Our Inkwell Stand is an elegant solution to proudly display your 6S Razor. These perfectly weighted Inkwell Stands are made from stainless steel, and coated to match the finish of your corresponding razor.

  • 1 Natural-Formula Pre-Shave Oil: An essential first step for achieving an effortless, perfect shave. Rockwell Pre-Shave oil offers an unmatched natural formula that locks in moisture while protecting and nourishing your skin. 

  • 1 Enriching Shave Cream: Our unique shave cream provides a superior lather that leaves your skin feeling taut and refreshed after every shave. We've enriched our formula with amazing natural oils and botanicals to soothe dry skin and help eliminate irritation.

  • 1 Soothing Aftershave Balm: When added to your regimen, this post-shave balm soothes freshly shaved skin and hair, deeply nourishes and keeps skin looking and feeling healthy. Rockwell Post-Shave Balm is a key closing step to a proper shave, and will leave your skin feeling fantastic and smelling great all day.

  • 1 Cruelty-Free Shaving Brush: Exceptional soft bristles with acrylic handle and no animal-derived components – the best tool to whip up a lather

  • 100 Fully Recyclable Stainless Steel blades: Your 2-year supply of recyclable blades

  • 1 Blade Recycling Tin: A safe, convenient way to dispose of used double-edge razor blades

  • 1 Rockwell Alum Matches: Soothe skin and seal nicks after a fresh shave with our naturally astringent Rockwell Alum Matches. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 913 reviews
S.V. (Perth, AU)
Most irritating

I haven't tried much razors, 6C and Gillete King C. But T2 has been the worst out of them, completely unusable for me. Too much irritation, too many cuts, it's like torturing myself. Tried different blades and different settings, nothing changed.


First time with a safety razor. This T2 is a legit razor. Paired with a great brush and wonderful scent shave cream I was in heaven. I even shaved my head with this bad boy. Glad I decided to go with Rockwell

Ricardo Aguiar (Lisbon, PT)
Rockwell T2 All in one Shave kit

Todos os produtos são excelentes. Uma óptimo escolha.
O único inconveniente é o preço dos portes de envio.

Stavros Chiras (Thessaloniki, GR)

I bought the "Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit"
Coming fromT1 model, Rockwell T2 is definitely a great upgrade.
The head of the razor is more sturdy thus feels more stable,
the blade is also more restricted in the head and i feel less vibrations coming from it,
the balance weight feels more towards the top so it's very convenient for me,
the new opening mechanism is certainly a large improve since it stops the motion of the opening cap not allowing the excess movement as in T1 which led the cap to be jammed some times in the opened position
and of course the "harder" spring gives a more "precise" feeling when you open and close the cap or when you adjust the exposure of the blade.
The rest of the package certainly includes quality products as the leather protective case, the blades etc, but regarding the cream and after shaving I must admit that although of good quality are average.
Overall I am very happy that I went to all the trouble to by the "Rockwell T2 All-In-One Shave Kit", since I live in Greece and it is quite expensive to import goods from Canada, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants a full luxury package for his grooming needs for the next many years to come.

Michael Bernier (Nepean, CA)
Awesome shave

The Rockwell T2 and accoutrement are of excellent quality in this kit. I highly recommend Rockwell products.

Turner (Sooke, CA)

The T2 is easy to load and set. A pleasure to use. Precise manufacturing and blade placement leads to confidence in a quick close shave with no nicks or cuts.

Brian (Mascouche, CA)

Coming from a Merkur 34c. I had bought another razor by another brand first, but it was way too aggressive so I went with this adjustable one absolutely no regrets. Extremely well built extremely solid and versatile. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Andrew Vergalito (Toronto, CA)
Simply Great!

Weight, feel, build and look are all great! For me the weight is perfect, I can feel the razor in my hand. The way it was built, the materials used give a feeling of durability and smoothness. Open the butterfly, load the blade, close the butterfly, set the aggression of shave and begin using the razor. Experience a great shave.

The difference between the 6c and T2, is adjusting on the fly. Sometimes in the morning you want to avoid sleepy human errors with changing plates. Adjust the number and shave! Not the correct setting, adjust again and continue shaving. Sometimes my neck and face are different settings. With sensitive skin, depends on the day, length of hair, product you are using could change the blade setting.

Every shave is a new experience!

Jay Connolly (Nanaimo, CA)
Love this razor

This is a beautifully crafted razor. It has the weight and mechanical precision of a quality product. The head is large, laterally, but loses nothing in maneuverability to that fact. I shave daily, but I like an aggressive shave, so I start at 4.5 or 5, and then do a second pass at 3. No need for a third run. The razor does the work, and I'm getting the best shaves of my life. Will never return to cartridges.


For being two times that I've used it, it has giving me a fantastic shave and truly thankful I’m not gonna be part of cartridge razors anymore.
Your products are amazing and couldn’t be a more satisfied customer!