Rockwell 5/6 Plate - Gunmetal

$ 18.75 USD
Replacement Rockwell R5/R6 Base Plate in Gunmetal. Only Suitable for Rockwell Gunmetal Series Razors.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Filteau (Victoriaville, CA)
My best razor to date !

My best razor to date !

9nein9 (Miramichi, CA)

If I could pick only one razor to use , this would be it !!!!

Dan Runkel (Des Plaines, US)

Customer service is awesome!! Thank you for an great razor!! Love it!!!

Adam Middleditch (Frisco, US)
Good rescue

If you cheaped-out and bought the 2C when you should have bought the 6C, Rockwell has you covered by selling the other plates. Generally, this adjustable razor system is less aggressive than other razors out there and having only the 1/3 plate was very limiting; I couldn’t get a close enough shave even when I did 3 passes with the 3 plate. Now, I’ll go with the grain on 6, across the grain on 4, and against on 2.

Brian Reppert (Stephens City, US)
Start with the 6C

I haven't actually used the 5/6 plate yet, but having used the other two plates, maybe I can at least give an opinion. I'm one of those people who started with the 2C. You know where this is going. Long story short; then I had to have the 2/4 plate. Then why not get the 5/6 and have the whole set. This system is fantastic. It will tame the harshest of blades, which for me is the Crystal. I used the two plate for that and it's BBS with two passes with no irritation. These people have totally figured out the angle, gap, and exposure geometry of a razor. My only regret is that I didn't start with the 6C in the first place.

Ricky West (Atlanta, US)
Love it

Went 'inexpensive' originally and bought the 2c. Added the 5/6 for my first pass and now realize that my next gift to myself will be a 6s. This is fantastic.

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