Why Rockwell - Key Insight

The problem with cartridge razors

Multiple Blades

Multiple blades pull the hairs and cut them below skin level. When hairs are cut beneath the skin, they often curl and bend as they grow back, leading to skin irritation, and painful razor bumps. There's even a Wikipedia article explaining this!

Not Adjustable

Cartridges are designed for some mythical "average guy" as if all men have the same skin type and facial hair.


Cartridges cost $3 to $5 each, which adds up fast - that's why they keep the cartridge razors behind the counter or in a locked glass vault.


Cartridges and plastic razors are the some of most wasteful products on Earth. They represent a throw-away society and create immense amounts of hazardous garbage that ends up in landfill.

Why an adjustable razor?

The Rockwell 6C allows you to adjust fluidly between shave settings 1 through 6, so you can customize the shave to your skin type and facial hair length by slightly adjusting the angle at which the blade cuts your hair.

Rockwell Size settings between 1 - 3 are for men with sensitive skin and are the perfect place to start a seamless transition from cartridge razor shaving with no nicks, cuts or discomfort. Rockwell Size settings between 4-6 are for men with thick, coarse hair and men lining up a serious beard.

Why Double-Edge Blades?

The Rockwell 6C uses double edge razor blades, which we sell for 10 cents each. If you already have a favorite brand of double-edge blade, no problem. Rockwell Razors work with any double-edge blade on the market. You’re not locked into a specific "blade system" or subscription.

Precision Engineered Blade Angles

Our backers and customers tell us that shaving with a Rockwell razor is the best shaving experience they've ever had – and that’s no coincidence! We've put hundreds of hours into studying the razor blade’s interaction with skin and facial hair to determine how to universally reduce cuts and ingrown hairs. Rockwell Engineered Blade Angles are the result – a particular blade shaving angle that lets shaving be a pleasant ritual instead of an unpleasant chore.

How it works

All 6 sizes on just 3 flippable plates.
The Rockwell 6C couldn't be easier to use!