Shave Videos From Our Fans

Shaving experts, enthusiasts, and regular Youtubers share their thoughts after shaving with a Rockwell Razor.

“Incredible shave, incredibly smooth”

Nick Shaves on Youtube

“I wholeheartedly recommend the Rockwell. Anybody that picks it up is going to be very satisfied.”

The Majestic Shaver on Youtube

“This is perfect. That’s what I say, perfect. I had a perfect shave and I hope that you do too.”

Donald Younger on Youtube

“Phenomenal. This is an amazing razor! If you are wondering if you should get one, let me make it easy for you... yes. Yes you should.”

Craving Shaving on Youtube

“Really very good. Definitely worth the money. You can adjust it how you want. Very functional, very easy to use and fits your needs. Definitely gets my stamp of approval and recommendation.”

The Clean Shaver on Youtube

“No nicks, cuts irritation, nothing! Just a baby butt smooth shave with one heck of a razor."

Shaving with Rich on Youtube

“This thing is a beast!”

Tiffany Pisarcik on Youtube

“Very well made and it feels good, as you can tell I did not nick myself once.”

SinatraLennon on Youtube

“I have a lot of beard growth and the Rockwell 6S takes it off with no problem, while being smooth at the same time.”

Geofatboy on Youtube

“This razor is very well made, presents beautifully in the box - worthy of your consideration.”

Shave the man on Youtube

“The Rockwell 6C and 6S are both fantastic razors, buy one and you’re not going to regret it.”

The Canuck Shaver on Youtube

“I like it a lot. Performs very well. This will last you forever.”

Craig the Barber on Youtube

“It goes above and beyond what I thought I was getting when I bought this razor. If you get this razor you definitely will not be disapointed. Rockwell hit it out of the park.”

Shave of the Zach on Youtube

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