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Ditch overpriced plastic razors and subscription shave clubs for good and transform your shave into an experience you can look forward to. The Rockwell 6C eliminates bumps, razor burn, nicks and irritation - so you get the premium experience you deserve.

A plastic-free shave

The EPA estimates that over 2 billion plastic razors are thrown away every year. By purchasing a Rockwell Razor, you'll be helping us in our fight against plastic pollution and disposable razors.

Help us build a waste free future

150,000+ customers worldwide have made the switch to Rockwell, helping to keep over 200,000 lbs of hazardous plastic razors from oceans and landfill.

Single blade = better shave

Modern cartridge razors all suffer from the same fundamental design flaw: multiple blades. Big razor companies have spent billions convincing us that more blades is better — but in reality, it’s all a marketing gimmick to get you to buy overpriced disposables. Dermatologists have proven that multi-blade razors significantly increase the likelihood ingrown hairs and severe razor burn.

Not your grandpa's safety razor

Unlike one-size-fits-all razors, our patented design allows you to adjust the shave sensitivity to match your skin and hair type. This guarantees your closest, most comfortable shave yet. The best part? Beginners can start shaving on the lower settings with zero risk of nicks or cuts! Rockwell makes it super easy to switch to sustainable shaving.

The smartest way to shave

Nothing is more affordable in the long run. The Rockwell 6C Shave Kit comes with a 4-month supply of blades to get you started. Each blade lasts between 4 - 7 shaves.

100% Quality Guarantee

Shop with peace of mind. If for any reason you're not thrilled with your new Rockwell Razor, we'll send you a free pre-paid return label, no questions asked.

Rockwell is the most loved razor on the market.
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Rockwell 6C Razor + 4-Month Supply of Blades

Includes 4-Month Supply of Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel Blades

$ 60 USD
Color: White Chrome

Eliminate plastic waste and upgrade to the closest, smoothest shave of your life with the Rockwell 6C Razor. Rockwell's innovative, adjustable shave settings let you change the blade exposure for a truly personalized experience - so you get a close, comfortable shave every time.

The Rockwell 6C's patented design eliminates ingrown hair, razor burn, and irritation, delivering the premium experience you deserve. We make it easy to ditch overpriced plastic razors for good and transform your shave into an experience you will look forward to.

Made entirely from a durable metal alloy, in a striking chrome finish.

With thousands of rave reviews from customers worldwide, the Rockwell 6C is guaranteed to upgrade your routine and deliver the best shaves you've ever experienced.

Perfect for any man or woman that's shaving their face, head or sensitive areas. Includes a beginner setting that makes it impossible for users to cut themselves shaving, while still getting a great shave.

In the Box

  • 1 Rockwell 6C Razor (6 Shave Settings) in White Chrome or Gunmetal
  • 20 Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades (4-Month Supply!)
  • Eco-Friendly Recyclable Metal Blade Safe
    Unbeatable support
    60-Day Returns
    Free Shipping
    100% Quality Guarantee

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sergio Sanchez (Hesperia, US)
    Close shave.

    I am really enjoying this razor. I have tried many razors including 4 blades but no matter the brand it would always irritate my skin. This shaves close and smooth and with the interchangeable heads u can find just the right closeness with no worries of cutting yourself. Also the shaving cream smells amazing.

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    Shannon Wooster (Orlando, US)

    Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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    Taylor Kliman (Dana Point, US)

    My first safety razor. It took me a little getting used to finding the right adjustment but I love it.

    Read more
    Jaime (Burnaby, CA)
    1st safety razor

    Enjoying using it, bit of a learning curve but like the head options and the info they provide!

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    william pelletierproulx (Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, CA)

    Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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    Noah Ganhao (Whitby, CA)

    Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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    Steven Washechek (Springfield, US)
    "The finest razor I have ever used!"

    "Hey guys! Steven here, I just had a couple rounds with this safety razor and am happy to say that each shave was quite interesting with the adjustable heads feature. Still taking a while to get used to it. The handle is the best grip ever and I'm loving it! Thanks Rockwell! Keep up the good work!

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    NIKOLAY PANFEROV (St Petersburg, RU)

    Rockwell 6C - Double Edge Safety Razor

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    Jean-Philippe Durand (Lac-Beauport, CA)
    awesome !

    the more i use it the better it gets !

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    Dmitriy Molokanov (Moscow, RU)
    rockwell 6c

    The quality is really high. Shaving is a pleasure, shaves gently and everyone will find a stove to taste. I recommendto buy it for everyone!

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