New and Improved Model T 2.0

Dec 2, 2019 the team at Rockwell made a promise. We pledged to make the Model T even better. __ days later we are super excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Model T 2.0 – Re-engineered to near perfection!
The Journey
The Model T journey began in __ when the Rockwell Razors team set out to make the best TTO razor in the world that supported adjustable shave setting. With __ backers supporting our Kickstart campaign, we delivered the first version of the Model T in 2019.
Ever since we shipped the first Model T razor, we closely monitored feedback from all our customers. Some used the Model T to shave facial hair, some to shave their heads and some to shave other parts of their body. We had a dedicated team that meticulously recorded each and every issue that our customers brought up and put in motion the quest to address these pain points. Our goal – to make the Model T even better.

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