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$ 55 USD

An incredible shave is all about the prep, and key closing steps. 

The ever-popular Rockwell soft goods collection features your choice of Rockwell Shave Cream or Classic Shave Soap, Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil, Rockwell Aftershave Balm and our Activated Charcoal Beard and Body Bar.

Your skin will thank you.

Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil is an essential first step for achieving an effortless, perfect shave. Our unmatched natural formula that locks in moisture while protecting and nourishing your skin.

Rockwell Post-Shave Balm soothes freshly shaved skin and hair, deeply nourishing and pampering to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. This natural balm will leave your skin feeling fantastic and smelling great all day.

Rockwell Beard & Body Bar Thoughtfully formulated to clean both skin and facial hair, the Beard and Body Bar uses premium jojoba oil, shea butter, and activated charcoal to leave your skin fresh and moisturized, while coffee acts as a natural exfoliant. A versatile, multi-purpose soap that leaves you smelling extraordinary.

Rockwell Shave Cream uses a thoughtful, glycerin-based formulation of natural ingredients and soothing oils to prepare even the coarsest hair for a close, quality shave. Our unique shave cream provides a superior lather that leaves your skin feeling taut and refreshed after every shave.  

Rockwell Shave Soap provides a fantastic lather and will leave your skin feeling taut and refreshed after every shave. Please note Rockwell Shave Soap requires a Shave Brush to create a lather 

Classic ‘Barbershop Scent’ with notes of Leather, Neroli, Anise, Lilac and Cedar

All natural ingredients, paraben and phthalate free.

Made in Canada: Rockwell Shave Cream, Rockwell Shave Soap, Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil, Rockwell Post Shave Balm

Made in USA: Rockwell Beard and Body Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Steven Roberts (Boston, US)
Overall nice shaving cream

Pluses: easy to lather. Feels slick between passes. Nice scent.
Minus: Hard to rinse off razor. Gets stuck between the blade and plate.
Overall, good to very good.

Peter Randlette (Olympia, US)
Make a new razor

I sent a design for a razor that would allow greatly opening the head, shaving off a weeks growth, rinsing to get rid of the hair, click reset to the wide opening, finish shaving….the pandemic razor….no response…you clowns could make a killing with a new product…..whatever…..

Vladimir Savelev (Moscow, RU)

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent

Angelo Torres (Stockton, US)
Great Shaving Cream!

This shaving cream is great because it doesn’t wear out my blades, and I don’t cut myself at all! Thumbs up on this product!

David Howie (Brandon, US)
Beard & Body soap

This soap is legit. The best scent I’ve found. Girlfriend approved. I wish Rockwell made a cologne with the same scent. Hint hint…

Luke Slupesky (Rio Rancho, US)

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent

Arkadiy C. (Podolsk, RU)
Nice intense smell.

Nice intense smell. Take it just to try. Didn’t decided if will by again (used once), will see how it goes.

Arkadiy C. (Podolsk, RU)
Very good soap

Nice intense smell. Foaming very well.

L Rogers (Princeton, US)

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent

Sergey Petrov (Moscow, RU)
Classic masculine scent and proper skincare

Ideal for sensitive or combined skin types. Very economical and suitable for all seasons. Especially during winter. The scent is strong and refreshing but disappears in short time. Protective slick stays for long. I strongly recommend. This is my second purchase of this balm.

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