Rockwell Beard Brush

$ 18 USD

Beard brushing evenly distributes oils through your facial hair, softening and conditioning your beard. The natural boar bristles of the Rockwell Beard Brush are gentle on your face and skin, while cleaning your facial hair and keeping your beard looking healthy. The stunning bamboo backbone keeps this brush lightweight and makes it ideal for on-the-go grooming.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Derek Dash (Wainwright, CA)

Much better than the one I originally bought.

Jarrett Clayton (Augusta, US)
Amazing quality

Everything by Rockwell is stunning quality with beautiful craftsmanship. What makes it even more impressive is the insanely competitive prices. I have no idea how they do it.

Anthony Shillings (Fort Worth, US)
Optimal care for my "Scruff"

It is perfect! I shampoo my beard daily, along with using a top-shelf balm. This little brush goes with me everywhere, and it's helping me keeping it in tip-top shape. Thanks again!

Jean-Sebastien Jacques (Brossard, CA)
Great product!

I wasn’t expecting this brush to be that much efficient. It really help for curly beard and itchy skin.
Best thing I have bought in months!

Matt (Calgary, CA)
Amazing beard brush

I really didn't expect much more from this brush than any of my others, but this is hands down the best beard brush I have ever used. I also grabbed the natural pear wood beard comb which is great for NOT creating static while you comb your beard. I would highly recommend either or both products. Together they do wonders!

Kent Kirby (Lee's Summit, US)
Really a nice brush

This brush is VERY effective in softening my beard as well as bringing it under control. I didn’t really expect that outcome but it’s really nice. Highly recommend this brush.

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