What Causes Razor Bumps And How Can You Stop Them

What Causes Razor Bumps And How Can You Stop Them

We've all been there. You wake up in the morning, shower, shave, eat breakfast, and by the time you've returned to the bathroom, your neck looks as if a swarm of bees attacked it. The dreaded razor bumps. Sometimes it seems like nothing you do prevents the onset of these glowing red bumps.

The issue is compounded if you're prepping for a big date or office meeting. As the rash-looking skin zaps your confidence, you can't help but wonder if your date is looking at your strong jawline or the forest of bumps on your throat, or if your bosses are even listening between the whispers they're sharing about the distraction under your mouth.

Of course, chances are your bosses are listening to your presentation (we can't say the same about your date though). The point is, razor bumps are frustrating and can topple your confidence. That's exactly why you need to know what causes razor bumps and how to prevent them.

What Is a Razor Bump?

If you were to see a dermatologist, they'd tell you the scientific name for a razor bump is "pseudofolliculitis barbae" (now you know why it's simply called "razor bump"). Razor bumps develop when hair is cut right at the point where it pushes out of the skin. This may lead the hair to curl back inward. The ingrown hair then becomes irritated, causing it to swell into a red bump.

Prevention Begins With Your Skin

To prevent those nasty and annoying razor bumps, you need to begin with your skin. It isn't solely the razor's fault. So make sure you exfoliate the skin, especially in the area you experience razor bumps. It's more likely to affect your neck area instead of your face because you likely don't wash your neck as often. Additionally, as the skin is looser around the neck, skin cells are more likely to stick between folds and wrinkles. So always exfoliate this area ahead of time.

If you have a considerable problem with the area, use a pre-shave oil to ensure a superb level of glide and moisture.

Dull Blades Cause Dull Shaves

Yes, you need to exfoliate. This is one of the culprits behind razor bumps. However, while razor bumps aren't completely the fault of your razor, most of the blame does rest on that razor you refuse to replace.

When a razor becomes dull it doesn't always cut the hair. If you've used cartridge razors in the past you know the pull of hair you experience with a dull razor. So what do you do to make up for the pulling? You apply pressure. Pulling hair and applying pressure result in a terrible shave. Not only do you increase the chance of cutting your skin but it's one of the reasons why the razor shaves the hair at a poor angle, resulting in the ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

The best way to eliminate the risk of razor bumps for good is to switch to a single-blade razor, like a safety razor. It's been clinically proven that using a single blade will cut hairs above skin level and effectively stopping ingrown hairs, according to dermatologists. 

Safety razors provide an exceptionally close shave that doesn't require pressure. The weight of the handle allows for the blade to glide smoothly, giving you that close shave. Plus, as the blades are substantially cheaper than a cartridge replacement, you'll have no problem replacing the blade for a new one (or just flipping sides on your two-sided razor). That closer, smoother shave, go a long way in preventing you from ever dealing with razor bumps again.

Don't Forget The Post-Shave Care

One of the biggest mistakes guys makes while shaving is not applying moisturizers to the skin. You just ran a steel blade across your skin. You cut away hair, dead skin cells and also scraped off a top layer of some skin as well. Your skin needs moisture to protect and replenish what it lost. So make sure to apply a moisturizer after shaving. It helps give you great feeling, smooth skin and reduces the chance of irritants and razor bumps popping up.

Razor bumps are an annoyance you don't need to deal with. As long as you take advantage of these tips, clean your razors, and stick with sharp blades (like the ones you find on our safety razors) you'll never again deal with the frustration of razor bumps and the confidence draining effect it has.

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