The Easiest Way to Combat Plastic Pollution

The Easiest Way to Combat Plastic Pollution

In 2050, the ocean will have more plastic than fish. This old-school everyday item can help.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, it’s projected by 2050, there will be 250 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean. It's more plastic than fish. Most plastic is not biodegradable either, so it will last forever. 

 But How Does This Impact You?

The fish you eat consume microplastics by mistaking them for food. Does plastic in your sushi sound appetizing? Traces of microplastics are found within aquatic wildlife around the world.

 So How Can You Help? 

You want to be a conscious consumer, but maybe you don’t know where to start. You have enough worries in your life, and you have a budget too.  Many eco-friendly products cost more than their less-environmentally friendly counterparts, so making the switch can be difficult.

What if I told you there is an everyday item that can help? With a simple alternative to this everyday item, its stainless steel byproduct is recyclable. It’s unisex and is an item that the majority of the population uses.

Over the long term, it’ll even save you money. 

What is This Plastic Alternative?

It’s the Double-Edged Safety Razor. This wonderful invention has been around since the 1900s. In recent decades there has been a shift to single-use items within all industries so evidently razor companies switched to the cartridge and disposable blades too.

The plastic cartridges became popular because of their convenience and user-friendly design. The business model was ingenious too, the initial shaving razor was a cheap loss-leader. Then the replacement cartridges make it up with higher margins. These Razors are currently dominating the market but are expensive and wasteful.

While its popularity decreased, the old-school Safety razor never died out, but lived in the shadow of its modern cousin.

The Benefits of a Safety Razor 

1. Smoothness 

With innovative designs based on an old classic, from companies such as Rockwell Razors, the Safety Razor concept is making a comeback! Multi-blade cartridge razors are prone to causing razor burn and ingrown hairs.  The hair is cut multiple times as each razor passes, cutting below skin level and causing ingrown hair as they begin to grow back.

Safety Razors cut the hair at the skin level, resulting in less irritation and a smoother shave.

2. Adjustability

Rockwell’s Razors can adjust how aggressive you want to cut. You can taper and train yourself into more aggressive cuts.

Rockwell’s Razors allow you to adjust shave settings 1 through 6, so you can cater the shave to your skin type and facial hair length by slightly adjusting the angle at which the blade cuts your hair. This nullifies a key advantage of disposable cartridge razors.

3. Affordability

It’s true there is a higher upfront cost for a safety razor, because of the high build quality. Unlike the cheap and flimsy modern razor handles, Rockwell’s Razor lasts a lifetime.

You recoup the cost by saving a fortune on blades. A cup of Starbucks coffee gets you a year's worth of razor blades. You can stock a year's worth of supply and it will take up less space than your toothpaste.

Once you use it long enough, you save more money and help the environment too. And the best part? The double-edge blades are available all across the world with a universal size across brands. Whereas cartridge heads are brand specific, or proprietary.

Considering Making the Switch? 

If you want to do your part for the environment, while saving money on an item you might already use, place an order for a Rockwell Safety Razor here.

Our 6S is our most popular item. For the budget-conscious buyers, check out our 6C. For more information on which razor is the perfect fit for your lifestyle, check out our comparison of the Rockwell Razor models. 


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