The 6 R’s of Sustainability

The 6 R’s of Sustainability

What is Sustainable Living?

Sustainability is a term that’s been used a lot in relation to global consumption. Living a sustainable life means something different to each individual but sustainability is about utilizing the resources you need without compromising the environment.   

  • Reduce 
  • In order to combat pollution, It is important to reduce the number of items you are consuming. Plastic is a material that is difficult to recycle and for that reason, consumers are switching to a low waste lifestyle. 

  • Rethink
  • Before purchasing new items, it’s important to take the time to rethink if there is any way to avoid purchasing something. Is there something you already own that could make do? Being sustainable is all about being mindful and inventive with the products you own.

  • Refuse
  • It is ok to refuse items that have unnecessary plastic packaging or items you do not need. By refusing items, the demand for certain material goods will decrease. Remember to bring your own alternatives as much as possible. Bringing your own reusable grocery bags, to-go cups, straw, and utensils make consumer takeout food in a more sustainable way. 

  • Reuse
  • Any product you do purchase should be reused as much as possible, even after its intended life. Ask yourself if the item can be reused in a new way.  Pasta jars make for great storage containers, get creative with it! 

  • Recycle
  • When an item can no longer be used and needs to be disposed of, always consider if the item can be recycled first. Recycling means an item can be reused or reconstructed into something else. Check out your city’s recycling program to determine which items should go in your blue bin. 

  • Repair 
  • Before you throw away an item, consider ways you could repair it first. Many items including clothing can be mended, not only helping the environment but saving you money and who doesn’t love that?
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