Single Blade Razors Vs Multi Blade Razors:  Which One Is Right For You?

Single Blade Razors Vs Multi Blade Razors: Which One Is Right For You?

What do you currently use to shave?

Do you normally settle for your multi-blade cartridge razor, or are you shaving with a single-blade razor?

Are you satisfied with your current shaving regimen, or have shaving discomfort and skin irritation began to haunt you?

Most men don’t put too much thought into their shaving tool of choice, even though it can make a world of difference for your maintaining healthy skin and preventing irritation.

Some think that all razors are the same and that using an electric, single-blade, or multi-blade cartridge razor won’t make much of a difference in their morning routine.

We at Rockwell Razors believe that every man should look forward to their morning shave and that shaving can be something to look forward to, instead of a dreadful chore that leaves you with nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs.

Looking for some advice on which razor will be the best choice for you? Read below...

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Are Multi-Blade Razors Always Better?

In 1901, King Camp Gillette filed his patent for creating the first safety razor.

It wasn’t until about 70 years later that Gillette made the decision to add another blade on the razor.

The thought behind this experiment was that with two blades, you can get twice the shave and maximize the number of hairs being cut.

Most wet-shavers believe that this was all a clever marketing ploy to force customers into purchasing expensive, disposable cartridges  instead of using the traditional single-blade safety razor, from which Gillette was struggling to make a profit.

Nevertheless, more and more blades kept being added throughout the years, establishing Gillette as a market leader in plastic cartridge razors.

catridge razor vs safety razor

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Do More Blades Provide A Closer Shave?

In order to get the closest shave possible, Gillette figured that adding multiple blades would surely do the trick, pulling the hair taught with the first blade and cutting hair below the surface of the skin with the next.

A safety razor or straight razor had achieved these results in the past by simply using multiple passes to ensure a close, clean shave.

With a 3 blade razor, each blade was intended to serve a purpose:

  • First blade: hooks the hair follicle, pulling it up
  • Second blade: cuts the more exposed hair
  • Third blade: backup, ensuring nothing is missed.

This same concept is carried over into 4, 5 and 6 blade razors.

Unfortunately for cartridge shavers…

As more blades are added, there is ALSO an increased chance of:

  • Razor burn
  • Skin irritation
  • Nicks
  • Ingrown hairs

If these are issues you’ve struggled with, dermatologists recommend sticking with a single blade safety razor.

Otherwise, if you’re someone that’s prone to cuts, a styptic pencil or alum block can save you from walking around with tissue paper on your face.

Why Do Multi-Blade Razors Cause Ingrown Hairs?

With more blades across your face comes consequences.

As mentioned above, the use of a multi-cartridge razor is that the first blade acts as a hook to pull up the hair.


This also causes the second blade to sometimes cut the hair beneath the skin.

This is, in fact, one way to get a close shave, but at a cost.

Safety Razors vs. Multi Blade Razors

Multi Blade Razors vs. Single Blade Razors - Single blade prevents ingrown hairs


This is one of the main reasons why men get ingrown hair and razor bumps - hairs are caught beneath the skin and become ingrown (especially true for men with curly hair)

The ingrown hair can sometimes turn into red bump on the skin, and, if not treated, can lead to an infection and unsightly and painful red bumps.

Can a Single Blade Really Do The Job?

Before the early 1970’s, single blade safety razors were widely considered to be the gold standard and most shave enthusiasts will agree to this day.

Straight razors were a barber’s weapon of choice, and it was a common occurrence for men to go to barbershops and have their facial hair cut.

While using a single blade razor, you have the ability to cut cleanly through the hair, significantly reducing your chance of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. This is due to the fact there is no additional blades tugging and pulling and cutting the hair below skin level.

Many wet-shavers attribute double-edged razors to providing the closest shave possible.

How Hard Is It To Use a Single Blade Razor?

If all hair types and skin sensitivities were the same, the shaving world would be a lot simpler.

But it isn’t, and Rockwell Razors take that into consideration:

  • Thin hairs,
  • Thick hairs,
  • Curly hairs,
  • Straight hairs, and
  • Bi-directionally growing hairs

It often takes practice and patience when learning the angles, pressure, and speed at which to use the single-blade safety razor - luckily, Rockwell’s patented adjustable system makes it incredibly easy for any beginner to get their closest, most comfortable shave ever on their first ever wet shave.

Best Safety Razor

Order the Rockwell 6C Razor Today

By starting out on Rockwell’s mildest blade angle setting (R1 setting), anyone can master the art of the double-edge safety razor with zero risks of cuts or discomfort.

The right pre-shave preparation can make or break your experience with a double-edged razor - if you are interested in learning more about prepping skin for a shave, check out Why You Should Shave With a Shave Brush.

How To Know Which Razor Is Right For You

If you’re someone that’s unsatisfied with their shaving routine or experience any sort of skin discomfort from shaving, it’s probably time to make the switch to an adjustable safety razor.

A safety razor is guaranteed to provide better results overall and deliver a closer shave, reduce ingrown hairs and skin irritation, and save you a fortune on shaving in the long-run.

Safety razors traditionally have a bit of a learning curve, but thanks to Rockwell’s adjustable shaving system, you’ll be able to find a shave set that caters perfectly to your unique skin type and facial hair density.

The best part? The lowest Rockwell setting makes it virtually impossible to cut yourself, while still delivering a fantastic shave. Want to hear from men who’ve switched to Rockwell? Check out our verified reviews.

 Rockwell Safety Razor

Try a Rockwell Safety Razor risk-free for 30-days and see for yourself why over 100,000 men have made the switch. It’ll be the last razor you’ll ever need to purchase.

If you prefer to shave with a cartridge razor, we won’t judge.

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