Mark Szorady - Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Full Review

The Stainless-Steel material, finish, and build quality really gives the T2SS razor a rugged look and feel.  I like the somewhat sandblasted/stonewashed/natural finish.   Again, rugged, masculine, and somewhat industrial, yet with an upscale elegance due to the stainless steel.  The look and build quality immediately state that this is a lifetime razor.  Very well-made. The knurling on the handle is more pronounced and, in a way, offers more utility and grip than the original T2. 

I like the additional heft.  Although the increase in weight isn’t much in comparison to the original T2, it’s enough to make a difference in a good way.  It’s not overly heavy but has that extra bit of weight to really make a statement.  I also found that the doors on the razor head appeared to have a bit more weight and build quality.  

The entire T2SS razor has a nice, firm, durable feel.  The adjustment knob is smooth yet solid.  Quite firm and sure.  The same can be said for the knob that opens and closes the TTO doors.  Again, I love the fact that I can close and lock down the doors after a blade is installed.  The razor head is locked, safe, and secure with no chance of the blade coming loose.  I also like that the razor blade end tabs are enclosed in the razor head.  I also find the razor head to be nicely maneuverable.  It performed well in tight areas under the nose and by the ears.

The shave was wonderful!  I started my first pass on level 3 and 1/2.  As an aside, the calibration on the adjustment knob is clear and accurate.  I found no slop when adjusting from 1 to 6.  The knob started at 1 and parked on 6 exactly.  That really speaks to the T2SS's top-notch build quality.  

The first pass was very good.  I used a Rockwell razor blade.  These blades, for me, have a bit more edge and blade feel.  But the T2SS really tamed them.  The shave was smooth with no tugging or pulling.  Ordinarily, with the T2, I start at level 3. The T2SS (and pre-shave oil and shave cream) allowed me to confidently dial it up a bit more.

The second pass was set at level 3 and, going across the grain, was another smooth winner.  I was also able to do some buffing with no ill effects or undue irritation.  (This was also due to the shave cream and pre-shave oil.)

I finished up with a third pass going against the grain at level 2.  I found that some areas of my face were so cleanly shaved that all I really needed was a touch-up.  But I did a complete third pass to simply feel the razor in my hand and how it performed going against the grain. I absolutely love the feel and movement of a safety razor when doing a third pass going against the grain. And the T2SS felt absolutely wonderful.

The end result of this first shave was a BBS finish. The Immediate feel was Upper Darn Fine Shave/Lower BBS.  Ten to fifteen minutes after the shave, the result was definitely a solid BBS.  This is due to excess moisture being thrown off from the whisker allowing it to retract a bit more.  As they say, “Don’t try to find the BBS, let the BBS find you.”  Well, this razor allowed the BBS to find me quite easily.

Bottom line, a solid, well-made razor that looks great, feels great in the hand, and delivers a smooth shave. After only one shave, I look forward to many, many more.

Rockwell Pre-Shave Oil - Barbershop

As you may know, I use more pre-shave soaps than pre-shave oils.  However, after one use of this pre-shave oil, I’m sold!  First, I like the restrictor.  It delivers the perfect drop of oil every time so I can control exactly how much to use and apply.  I don’t use too much, I don't use too little.   I can absolutely feel the skin-nourishing ingredients.  It certainly delivered a slick, protective layer for my shave.

Rockwell Shave Cream - Barbershop Scent

I’ve used a lot of shave creams including TOBS, Palmolive, Nivea, Proraso, and The Art of Shaving.  The Rockwell shave cream is at the top of my list!  The lather is spectacular!  (I did a bowl lather). Rich and creamy with a beautiful density and thickness.  Paired with the pre-shave oil, it provided ample moisturizing of the skin and thorough softening of the whisker.  This gave me a super-smooth shave.  As I mentioned above, it also had some nice residual slickness for a bit of buffing here and there.  

I love the Barbershop scent!  It’s perfect.  I detected a bit of a pepper quality which I believe is the anise note.  Anise, from my research, is more of a licorice scent than pepper.  Regardless of the word I use to describe, the anise gives it a nice balanced kick.  It’s offset in just the right amount against the neroli.  Just a hunch on my part.  The point is, it’s a terrific scent that is very well blended and distinct.

Rockwell Aftershave Balm - Barbershop  

This balm provided the perfect finish to the shave. My alum block revealed no stinging with maybe a few zings here and there.  Even though the T2SS provided a very smooth, comfortable shave, it’s nice to know that if I overdo it, the Rockwell balm will give my newly shaved face an immediate calming.  It has a very nice balance of skin nourishing ingredients.  The balm was nicely absorbed and felt like it was doing a good job of revitalizing the skin and giving it added benefits.

Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brush  

Thank you for sending this brush!  I’ve had some experience with it in the past.  Using it with the Rockwell Barbershop shave cream confirms again how terrific it is. This brush, despite its diminutive size, packs a punch.  It gave me incredible performance when used for bowl lathering the Rockwell shave cream.  It’s a great size for home or travel.  The knot is beautifully soft and has great flow-through for painting on a lather.  Probably one of the best values for a shaving brush in the wet shaving world based on its top-notch performance and price point.

Again, regarding the T2SS razor, these are my initial thoughts and impressions. To put it simply, I love this razor! However, I'm sure as I use it more, I'll be able to flesh out more details. I plan to do more shaves with this gear and then prepare a review for the channel. I'll make sure to hold the review until you and Rockwell give the green light.

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