How to Travel With a Safety Razor (and Blades)

How to Travel With a Safety Razor (and Blades)

You've invested in a beautifully designed and expertly crafted safety razor. You love the way it makes your skin feel and the improved quality over a cartridge razor. Naturally, if you're traveling you'll want to take it with you.

But if you're traveling on a plane (or in some cases, buses like Greyhound) you'll find walking on board with a container full of loose razor blades really isn't a great option. In fact, you'll probably end up getting dinged by the TSA and have your blades confiscated.

As arguing with airport security isn't in your best interest, the last thing you want to see is your quality safety razor removed from your carry-on. To prep for your upcoming trip, here is everything you need to know about traveling with a safety razor.

Remove the Blades

There's nothing wrong with taking your Rockwell Safety Razor onto a flight. You can even add it to your carry-on (or carry it in a pocket if you're traveling super light). You just need to remove the blade from the razor. The blade is what will get you stopped and frisked at the security checkpoint.

Now, do be warned, even if you take the blades out and don't travel with the blades, with the safety razor in your carry-on you may be stopped. You should count on it. When scanning over the bag, security will see the safety razor and want to make sure you don't have a loaded blade inside.

As a precaution, you will be flagged and security will go through your bag to inspect the razor. They'll also look through the rest of your bag to see if you have the blades on hand.

If you accidentally left the blade in the safety razor security will likely remove the blade and put the razor back.

Where to Put the Blades?

So you have removed the blade from your safety razor. That's the first step. The next step is to decide where to put the blades. If you're traveling with a checked bag you can put the blades in the bag. In fact, if you are planning on traveling with a checked bag you can leave the entire safety razor in the bag with the blade left inserted into the razor.

Now, if you're traveling with just a carry-on, there's nothing you can do. You can't have razor blades in the cabin of a plane. Due to this, you'll be required to leave the blades at home. Instead, you'll need to pick up blades when you arrive. Thankfully, you shouldn't have an issue grabbing double-sided razor blades at a local drug store or even placing an order online. 

Protecting Your Safety Razor

You will want to keep the safety razor separate from the rest of your clothing and other luggage (especially if it's in your checked baggage and the blade is still inside). A toiletries case is a good object to pick up. However, you may want to consider purchasing a specialty razor travel case for your safety razor.

This keeps the razor (and any additional shaving size settings, if you use a Rockwell Razor) snugly confined within the wallet-like construction. There are some that provide extra storage inserts for fingernail clippers and grooming scissors, so there are benefits to picking up this kind of an item. Something like the Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath is great solution that also protects the head of the razor from any scratches.

The reason you want to invest in a carrying case designed specifically for your Rockwell Safety Razor is two-fold. First, if the blade remains inside you don't want it bouncing around, potentially coming in contact with your toothpaste, lotions, creams, and gels. 

The second issue is if something explodes due to cabin pressure. Shampoo or toothpaste can gunk up your razor, which likely is the most expensive piece of equipment inside the entire toiletries case. Some spills may be nothing more than a hassle to clean up. Other, more abrasive liquids may end up corroding or staining the metal on the razor, especially if you're on a long international flight and the blade remains exposed to the spill for several days.

If you bring the safety razor with your checked baggage the blade will not be inside, but you should still wrap the razor in a cloth, just in case there's a spill (although with a maintained cabin pressure this shouldn't be an issue).

Always Have Your Rockwell Safety Razor, No Matter Where You Go

When you come to rely on a close, reliable shave, you'll want to have your Rockwell Safety Razor with you at all times. This includes when on the road. If you check luggage to make sure to, at the very least, put your razor blades into the checked luggage.

If you prefer to avoid checked baggage and instead only bring a carry-on, you'll need to leave the blades at home and pick some up when you arrive at your destination.

Whatever you decide to do, you're able to enjoy the comforts of your Rockwell Safety Razor as long as you take advantage of these tips and suggestions.

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