How to Safely Replace Safety Razor Blades

How to Safely Replace Safety Razor Blades

There's nothing like the quality of a safety razor shave. How smooth your skin feels. How sophisticated the shaving experience turns into. There's a notion of satisfaction when you're done with it. However, how do you dispose of a safety razor blade when you're done with it? When using a cartridge razor you toss it in the trash and are done with it. You can't exactly do that with a razor blade. But wrapping it up into tissue or toilet paper isn't a great idea either. You'll just end up wrapping a miniature Christmas present from toilet paper and gauze whenever it's time to switch blades. Thankfully, there is a much safer alternative.

Remove the Blade

Removing the blade is straightforward, regardless of if you use a Rockwell Razor or a safety razor from another manufacturer.

If you use a Rockwell Razor, take hold of the head of the razor using a towel at the side tabs using your forefinger and thumb. Now, twist the handle of the razor, loosening it from the head. When the handle has fully disconnected with the razor, simply lift up the numbered base plate and you'll be left with the top cap and a blade. You can now remove the blade from the top cap of the razor by picking it up by the side tabs. Just make sure to only handle the blade from the top and the bottom tabs, not from the exposed blade edges. Even if the blade has begun to dull, it is still sharp.

With twist-to-open, butterfly safety razors, like the Rockwell R1, just open the head of the razor by simply twisting the bottom knob. This opens the butterfly door mechanism on the head of the razor. Now, grab the razor blade from the tabs and lift up, removing the blade from the razor.

When you secure the head of the safety razor back into position, make sure to not over-tighten the head as this could lead to potential wear of the handle's threading over long periods of time.

What to Do With the Blade?

If you have a Rockwell Razor, feel free to pick up the inexpensive Rockwell Blade Safe. If you look carefully, there is a slot on the top of the dome, similar to a piggy-bank. Drop your razor blade through this slot. It's 100% eco friendly and recyclable - once it's filled up, tape it shut and throw it in with the recycling.

Even if you use an alternative safety razor with a different brand of blades (or if you have blades left over from your old safety razor) you can deposit the same double edge blades into the Rockwell Blade Safe. 

It's Easy to Dispose of Your Safety Razor Blades

It is easy to take care of and dispose of your safety razor blades, whether you're using a Rockwell Razor blade or any other brand of double-edge razor blades (we're okay with an open relationship). Just remember to always practice caution when handling double edge razor blades.

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