Giving back

Dear Rockwell Family,

As we all continue to monitor the effects of COVID-19 very closely from around the world, it's becoming increasingly clear the unprecedented impact that this crisis is having on the lives of individuals, families, and businesses.

Over the last few weeks, we've seen hundreds of our stockists close up shop due to the outbreak, and have received endless messages from our customers, partners and contractors sharing their hardships. It's been a lot to take in.

While it hasn't been an easy time to be running a small business, our hardships pale in comparison to the heroic work of frontline workers who have been fighting this battle day in and day out.

The tireless hours being put in by professionals in healthcare, government, supply chain, and essential services are what have kept us safe, and kept our needs met during this time. Their indispensability cannot be overstated. 

We're fortunate enough to be a small team, with relatively few expenses. We’re also thankful that in times like these, we are able to fall back on the support of our online customers. That being said, if you or a friend have been considering ordering Rockwell products, your support during this time would go a long way.

But more importantly, we urge you to do your part in supporting your local community and to consider donating to non-profits to support those that are putting in tremendous effort on the front lines.

For the month of April, Rockwell has pledged to donate 10% of net proceeds from our website sales to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to COVID-19.

During this time, we're also giving all customers 100 Free Rockwell Razor blades (a 2-year supply) and metal Rockwell Blade Safe with the purchase of any Rockwell Razor.


The Rockwell Razors Team

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