Gender bias in shaving: Busting the myth about women-centric products

Gender bias in shaving: Busting the myth about women-centric products

For years, shaving companies have been designing and marketing products around the consumer's assumed gender role. While men's razors are often created to be all-in-one and have bulky, linear builds, women’s products are shown to be shapely, use-and-throw, mostly plastic and in pink, turquoise or mint green hues - in a way they are paying more for its aesthetics than the product’s efficiency.  

Which is why we believe in setting the tone straight for a more inclusive, gender-neutral approach over discrimination based on the gender roles.

Gender-Based Shaving - Marketing Myths

    1. Women's razors need a feminine design with curvatures.

    Marketers have been pushing women to fixate on colors and angles when it's the craftsmanship and technology that truly defines the shave you're going to experience.

    Fact: Dermatologists suggest switching to single blade razors to improve skin and avoid any irritation while shaving. 

    2. Women require razor with more blades for closer shave.

      Talking about the number of blades, less is more when it is engineered to give you the closest shave without any discomfort. 

      Fact: Shaving with more blades can cause irritation to the skin.

      3. Safety Razors are expensive

        This can not be further from the truth as shaving firms have been charging women the "pink tax" for painted pink razors, packaged for women, and nearly always cost more than razors marketed to men, even though the razors in question are hardly different in their function. 

        Fact: When compared to buying a single cartridge razor, the price of the razor is more expensive at first, but it ends up saving you money in the long run. With regular disposable razors, you might end up spending about $834 over 4 years - while Rockwell's safety razors, once bought, will only set you back by $72.

        4. Safety Razors Are Just For Men

        Razor-users are a pretty homogeneous segment, wanting the same things: smooth skin, no irritation, quality products and a great price. And our safety razors provide just that! 

        Fact: Safety razors are safe for everyone to use, even for people with sensitive skin. 


        With Rockwell safety razors, we are addressing the shaving needs of a person - not a gender! While so far women have been marketed razors that are "color-coded to be gender-specific," it’s time that you ditch those for an upgraded shaving experience, and save a ton of money while you’re at it.

        Our razors may have been inspired by the old-school, but are crafted in the most modern precision methods. With their sleek build and long-lasting blades, they are just as great for women or any person as they are for men, unlike what marketers want you to believe.

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