Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2020

1. Rockwell Safety Razor

A practical gift they’ll actually want to use! Safety razors give an unbelievably close shave and replacement blades cost less than traditional cartridge razors. Rockwell safety razors give an incredibly smooth shave, come with 6 shave settings, and are plastic-free. The beginner setting is great for someone who’s never used a safety razor before and makes it impossible to cut yourself. 

2. Mr. Gladstone Cologne

Solid Cologne is such a great gift for someone who travels often and doesn’t want to worry about carrying liquids. Another plus is that Mr. Gladstone cologne comes in a metal tin that can be recycled or repurposed afterward. Did we mention the smells are a perfect blend of natural and clean undertones?  

3. Solgaard Backpacks

This company is focusing on creating stylish and sustainable travel gear. Their backpacks are made from up-cycled ocean plastics and their Lifepack Backpack is solar powered to charge your electronics. 

4. Pela Phone Case

Most phone cases are used for up to a year and then are tossed in landfill with the rest of plastic products. Pela Case has created 100% compostable phone cases to eliminate the need for plastic phone accessories. They're very protective and come in tonnes of prints and styles too. 

5. Keep Cup

Have a coffee or tea lover in your life? The Keep Cup is a reusable coffee cup with a minimalistic design, great for on-the-go cafe runs. Most coffee cups cannot actually be recycled because they are lined with a plastic coating. Enjoy your coffee guilt-free! 

6. Habitat Botanicals

All of these products are made in Canada with compostable packaging. They’re vegan, handmade, 100% natural and biodegradable too! Habitat Botanicals has a whole Daily Essentials Kit that comes with shampoo and conditioner bars, lip balm, deodorant and body wash. 

7. WWF Gifts 
Know someone who has everything they need? Donating to charities or supporting companies that are doing good is a great option. WWF specifically has some great gifts and wildlife adoptions that help conserve species for future generations. 
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