For every razor purchased, we'll donate a razor to someone in need.

For every razor purchased, we'll donate a razor to someone in need.

Dear Rockwell Family,

With the spread of COVID-19, many companies have begun to shut down temporarily, and others permanently. Individuals and families across the globe have been anxiously wondering how they can provide for their loved ones.  

In these troubling times, it is important to lend a helping hand in whatever way possible. It's been inspiring to see all the positive initiatives that have sprung up to bring hope to such an anxious time.

This got us thinking, how can we do our part to give back? 

We’ve decided that starting today, for every razor you purchase through our website, we will match this and donate a Rockwell Safety Razor to a Shelter in need.

Shelters rarely receive donations for razors and other grooming products, forcing them to spend their limited cash on big brand grooming razors that are well-known to be massively overpriced. Thankfully, we have a reserve stock of razors and razor blades, and we hope that our donations save these shelters and their residents from having to spend their hard-raised funds.

This is a great opportunity to purchase the razor you’ve been dreaming of, while adding some positivity to someone's day.

We hope to be able to donate even more in the coming weeks once we, as a small business, are able to stabilize and reassess where we stand in this uncertain landscape. For the time being, we are grateful to be in a fortunate enough position to be able to continue to keep our commitments to our suppliers, employees, and our customers. We know that together, we'll get through this.

You can support this initiative with us now, and we can’t wait to share pictures next week of the razors being packed up for donation.


The Rockwell Razors Team

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