Can You Shave Every Day With A Safety Razor?

Can You Shave Every Day With A Safety Razor?

One of the biggest questions you might have concerning a safety razor is the frequency for which you can, and should, shave. After all, with a safety razor, the blade is pressed against your face, closer than any other shave you'll experience while using a cartridge razor. But what happens when you like the silky smooth look and feel of an everyday shave? Is it possible to achieve such a look with a safety razor? Or is this something you need to space out to an every-other-day (or more) schedule? We've got all the answers you need right here. 

Short Answer: Yes

The short answer to "can you shave every day with a safety razor" is yes. It all boils down to the quality of the razor. If a razor can give you a quality shave it can give you a quality shave every single day. It doesn't matter what your shaving schedule is. So if you have stubble and are in need of removing it, you absolutely can use a safety razor every day to remove the stubble and leave yourself with the slick, smooth satisfaction of a hairless face. 

Sharpness of the Blade is Critical

Now, for a safety razor to offer you the close shave you desire every single day, the sharpness of the blade is crucial. There is a bit more leeway with longer hair, but you absolutely must have a sharp blade to cut so close. Why? If you don't have a sharp blade you'll end up pushing on the razor in order for it to run closer to your skin. That's a terrible idea when a safety razor is already against your skin as it will open you up to cuts. A safety razor is designed to work with gravity, allowing the weight of the head to pull down and shave as you glide it along your skin. So make sure you keep a sharp blade and you'll be on the right path. 

Use The Right Shaving Cream

You need to lubricate your face with shaving cream. It will help improve the glide of the razor, which is already right against your face. The right shaving cream is a personal choice here. You might like something that comes from a can, you might go with the old school mug-o-foam, or you might select a shaving butter. Whatever you choose, it needs to offer you proper lubrication. Typically you want something that isn't extremely foamy. Some pressurized shaving creams use a considerable amount of pressurizing gasses to force the foam out, which causes it to bubble and expand beyond what might be desirable for an everyday shave. However, whatever you go with, make sure to use your shaving cream during an everyday shave. 

The Rockwell Shave

The beauty of the Rockwell Razor is you can adjust the safety razor to fit your personal needs for an everyday shave. Using the provided levels, you can bring the blade closer for a smooth shave. You'll want to switch the razor level to typically a 1 or 2, although a 3 might suffice if your hair grows relatively quickly. If you don't have a Rockwell Razor, you'll want to make sure your safety razor blade is tight. Do not leave it loose as this will prevent you from shaving closely against your skin. 

Shower Before Hand

One of the best ways to prep your face for an everyday shave is to shower beforehand. Beyond just cleaning yourself, the steam in the air will open your pores and raise the hair on your face. This makes it easier to shave for two reasons. First, the hair is heightened and more likely to stand on edge instead of leaning against your face. This allows for an easier, closer cut. The next benefit is with the softer pores the hair will not cling to your face. It becomes more likely to cut free instead of cling. When you have stubborn hair you increase the possibility of razor burns and ingrown hairs, because the hair is pulled out by the roots and the hair that grows up curls inward. 

Yes, You Can Shave Every Day

The best way to answer whether you can shave every day with a given razor is to consider the quality of the shave. Did you receive a quality shave the first time you use it? Did it glide smoothly along your face and give you slick skin when you were done? If you answered yes then, of course, you can shave every day. 

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