4 Most Popular Gifts This Holiday Season

4 Most Popular Gifts This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, finding a thoughtful, useful gift that's beautifully packaged can be a time crunch.

We wanted to save you the headache this year, so we've prepared 4 of our most popular gifts of the season. Each item was carefully crafted with deep consideration of the user in mind. No matter which you choose, all Rockwell gift items are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

#1. The Rockwell 6S Razor Gift Set - $119

    The Rolls Royce of shaving. The Rockwell 6S is made entirely out of 316L Stainless Steel and is built to last for generations. This is hands down the last razor he'll ever need (or want) to use. Made entirely in the USA, this masterfully crafted tool is widely recognized online as the #1 safety razor on the market - and for good reason. The 6 adjustable settings on the Rockwell 6S allow you the freedom to control the amount of blade exposure when shaving, delivering a personalized shaving experience. Perfect for beginners, the 6S boasts a "beginner" setting that allows anyone to get the perfect shave with zero learning curve and without nicks or cuts.

    It's practicality is surpassed only by it's comfort and satisfying weight and balance. The Rockwell 6S comes beautifully presented in a faux-leather case and the Shave Kit includes an ultra soft vegan Rockwell Shave Brush and all natural Shave Cream - plus 5 Rockwell Razor blades.

    #2. The Rockwell 6C Gift Set - $69

    Recently featured as the top gift to give this holiday season by magazines such as Men's Health, Esquire and Askmen.

      Our most popular razor, the Rockwell 6C boasts the same features and functionality as the Rockwell 6S, but for half the price. The Rockwell 6C comes in 2 finishes, Gunmetal Chrome and White Chrome and provides an equal level of comfort and freedom as the 6S. Being crafted from a chromed-zinc alloy makes this razor both durable and affordable. 

      The Rockwell 6C comes strikingly beautiful box design and the Shave Kit includes an ultra soft vegan Rockwell Shave Brush and all natural Shave Cream - plus 5 Rockwell Razor blades.

      #3. The Rockwell Beard Care Set - $39


      • Ingenious beard bib for keeping sink and floor tidy
      • Natural boar bristle beard brush
      • All natural beard oil, barbershop scent 

      Not a fan of the clean shaven look? We've designed a host of naturally formulated and thoughtfully crafted beard products that keep your beard looking and feeling awesome.

      #4. Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne Collection - $50

        Portable, pocket-friendly and discreet, he won't want to go anywhere without his new favorite solid cologne by his side. A mere dab on the pulse points has the endurance and vigor to withstand a long day's journey into night. To apply, lightly slide a finger over cologne and dab onto pulse points such as the wrist, or behind the ears and neck. The three attractive and manly scents are subtle, yet crowd favorites that are guaranteed to get him compliments everywhere to goes.

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