Are you using the right beard brush for your beard type? (Find out Now)

Are you using the right beard brush for your beard type? (Find out Now)

Are you using the right beard brush for your beard type? (Find out Now)

Your parents know it, your friends know it, everyone knows it.

Your beard is magnificent and is a crowd stopper just by walking down the streets.

Does this sound like you?

Well, it should be.

Today Rockwell is going to take you through the guide of figuring out what beard brush is right for you, and how to get you and your beard feeling like a superstar.

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How to use a beard brush for curly beard hair?

I'm sure you've noticed that not all beards look the same. 

Curly beards often take a longer time to grow than straight beards. This can be due to the fact that curly beards fold in loops. Tangles and knots are another problems curly beard growers face, especially when trying to comb and force the beard to grow or do something it doesn't want to do.

Curly beards also face a problem attracting more bacteria, dirt, and germs by keeping and retaining these items closer to your face.

But it's not all bad!

Here, we will detail how to turn your curly beard into the straight beard you are looking for.

First, start by coming out of the shower with a damp or wet beard. Grab the essential Rockwell Rockwell Curly Beard CombBeard Comb and your favorite hair dryer. The beard comb is perfect for beards that curl, or beards that are around 1-2 inches in length. The wider teeth allow the beard to flow in the direction you are going for and starts to train the look and direction of the beard you are going for. It is recommended that for beards longer than 1-2 inches in length still can use the beard comb during the wet-ness phase of the beard process, but start to use the beard brush for curly hair during the molding and taming part of the routine near longer stages of the beard. 


You will not see instant results.

Curly beards are challenging and take a month or so for the hair to start naturally straightening the direction you are looking for. Following the process above every morning will slowly transform those curly locks into a straight clean shining beard.

If you love your curly beard (some men do), using a wide-tooth beard comb is also the best choice. Keeping the curly beard is a matter of how to tame and shape the beard in a structure, rather than letting it form curls all over the place.


How to use a beard brush for straight beard hair?

Rockwell Beard BrushSo you have decided to step up your beard game and want to get the Rockwell beard brush.

Before brushing your beard you have to make sure to keep a healthy, good-looking beard by washing all the dirt away.

Give your beard a proper shampooing and conditioning about 2-4 times a week.

In order to maintain a healthy, good-looking beard, you need to wash away all the dirt of the day.

The Rockwell beard oil is the perfect combination of ingredients to make sure your beard is ready in any weather, any condition, anytime.

By making sure all the product is washed out and only having the beard oil in place, you can ensure your beard a fresh start to the day and the keep the soft, magnificent look you deserve.


How Often should I use a beard brush?

Should you brush your bead every morning? twice a day? Once a week?

Don't overdo it!

It is recommended you should only brush your beard once a day, and maybe once in the evening. When you wake up in the morning to flush out that beautiful beard using beard oil or beard balm, using the brush properly will distribute the beard products evenly throughout. This will form the look of your beard for the day and give you the fresh look ready to conquer the day.

It is also recommended to sometimes brush your beard in the evening to remove any extra dirt, food, or crumbs that have accumulated throughout the day.

This is not only effective in giving the products an even spread in the beard but also helps train the beard to grow and naturally form to the direction and the look you are going for.



Having a beard is one of the greatest gifts a man can ask for.  


With great power comes great responsibility, one must use proper beard products, care, and grooming essentials to make sure the beard can withstand the test of time.

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