Rockwell Razors Kickstarter Launch

What's a Safety Razor?

You likely noticed the Rockwell Razor looks different than most razors nowadays, and that's because it is! Our razor is a re-engineered safety razor, the gold standard in shaving until the mid-1900's when companies realized they could make more money selling you a disposable cartridge every week, and safety razors disappeared. 

Nowadays, most men use cartridge razors. They're outrageously expensive and for many leave behind cuts, bumps, and irritation. This is because they’re made as though everyone’s stubble should be shaved the same way. But we all have unique skin and facial hair, and your razor should reflect that. 

A New Generation of the Safety Razor

We created Rockwell Razors to give every man the chance for a perfect shave and to make buying expensive cartridge razors a thing of the past.

Our razor, the Rockwell 6S, is an update to the classic safety razor. We've created an all stainless steel safety razor with 6 different shave sizes. The different sizes represent slight adjustments in the angle and gap between the blade and the razor. Size 1 is the smallest, and is perfect for men with fine hair with shorter stubble, while size 6 is the largest, and is perfect for men with thick, curly facial hair. Or you may find your perfect shave somewhere in between. The Rockwell 6S includes all 6 sizes so you can discover your perfect shave.

The Rockwell 6S

The Rockwell 6S includes the following all stainless steel components, forged in the USA:

  • Handle with engraved grip 
  • 3 reversible base plates providing sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 
  • Plate A: Sizes 1 and 3, Plate B: Sizes 2 and 4, Plate C: Sizes 5 and 6
  • A blade cap

Each base plate has a different blade gap on each side. Just flip the plate over to get a brand new shave. Flippable plates reduce manufacturing costs, and allow us to offer 6 sizes on only 3 plates. This flippable plate system is one of several innovations we brought to the Rockwell 6S Razor.

Double-Edge Razor Blades

The Rockwell Razor uses double-edge razor blades, an affordable, effective, and widely available option when compared to cartridge and disposable razors. The use of a single blade reduces razor burn and tugging, and stays sharp longer than any cartridge. You just need one sturdy blade for the perfect shave, every time. Also double-edge blades are made of stainless steel, so they're 100% recyclable.
We include a pack of double edge razor blades with every Rockwell 6S Razor to get you started. 

Save Money

By using a safety razor with double-edge blades rather than using a cartridge razor, you'll be saving a ton of money every year on shaving!

Design and Manufacturing

We've been working with expert engineers, designers, and machinists in the United States and Canada, refining the Rockwell 6S Razor to be the best razor in the world. By manufacturing the Rockwell Razor with stainless steel, we are able to make a high quality product that will last for generations. Stainless steel is durable and hefty, allowing for precision maneuvering over your face while ensuring the razor will survive the wear and tear of everyday use or travel. 
In order to manufacture an American stainless steel razor at such an amazing price we had to manufacture differently. In addition to innovating the design, we had to use a more innovative manufacturing process too. Using the most modern steel forging techniques we're able to make our razors cheaper and more precisely than a simple machine shop could. Manufacturing in America also shortens our supply chain and reduces our environmental footprint.

About the Founders

We met last year at our university's business plan pitch competition, where we quickly realized we were both interested in designing products that create value in unexpected spaces, and we were both passionate about classic shaving. We both saw the refined, masculine appeal of safety razors, but wanted to innovate on designs that hadn't changed much since the early 1900s. 
With this goal in mind we developed the concept for Rockwell Razors. We engineered our 6S Razor design with the help of expert designers and cutting edge CAD modelling and 3D printing. We found manufacturers who were patient enough to listen to and contribute to our product concept, and eventually got here, to this Kickstarter campaign! 

Where We're At

Our initial prototyping is done, and the feedback on shave quality from our beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive. We have created 3D printed prototypes, milled steel prototypes, and have perfected our 3D rendering of the final razor for the engineers at our mill. We're so close to casting the final product! Of course, we're still tweaking and improving the razor, and we're looking forward to any and all feedback from our Kickstarter backers.


September - Beta testing of final prototypes
October - Manufacturing and packaging
November - Shipment of the Rockwell Razor


We're so excited to develop and build the Rockwell Razor with every single one of you, so we can all find our perfect shave. We look forward to hearing from you guys!

 Technical Specifications

Assembled Weight: 105 grams
Assembled Height: 3.85 Inches
Handle Height: 3.44 Inches
Blade Gaps*
Size 1: 0.38 mm
Size 2: 0.56 mm
Size 3: 0.72 mm
Size 4: 0.84 mm
Size 5: 0.94 mm
Size 6: 1.12 mm
*The Rockwell 6S Razor base plates are designed to be cross compatible with many other three piece safety razor designs, so if you've already built a collection, feel free to add the 6S system to build your frankenrazor!

Risks and challenges

Building an excellent razor leaves very little room for error; angles must be precise and weight must be perfectly distributed. We want every man to find his perfect shave, so we've worked, and continue to work hard to get everything just right.

The engineers and designers of the Rockwell Model 6S Razor have worked for months, adjusting the razor and our prototypes to according to requests and suggestions of our testers. Those manufacturing our razors have decades of experience in fields with precise tolerances, such as aerospace technologies, firearms and automotive parts. As a result, we are extremely confident in their ability to manufacture a razor to our particular specifications, and the feedback of our backers.

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