KS Update #27 - 6S Progress, Rockwell Sheath, and Rockwell Stand Updates

Dear Backers,

We’re at the end of July, we want to pass along an update on the production of the new, metal injection moulded Rockwell 6S and additional goodies we’ve been working on. We’ve finished all the tweaks in the cap design and the manufacturing is moving along smoothly. We’re really excited about this new production and can’t wait to start showing you some new stuff. As we mentioned in the last update, the tooling process isn’t particularly photogenic (we’re in the tooling process currently), but we’ll be keeping you guys posted with pictures of prototypes as soon as they’re out of the completed tool. That being said, we’re expecting to have news around all this in an update we’ll post late next month; we wish to take this opportunity to re-iterate our thanks to you all for your patience while we create something we expect to knock your socks off.

Speaking of being blown away, we want to thank you guys for all the support you have shown for the Rockwell Sheath. We’re excited to announce that when the replacement caps are made available later this year, you’ll also be able to add a sheath to your shipment in either black or grey!

We were inspired by your positive feedback, and wanted to continue producing valuable products for our backers through the manufacturing process for the MIM Rockwell 6S. Based on feedback our backers provided after the Kickstarter campaign, we saw there was notable interest in a stand for the Rockwell 6S. We designed the Rockwell Stand to hold the Rockwell 6S in an elegant, simple way - yet with the weight to support an all-stainless steel razor. Below is a rendering of the design we’re considering moving forward with. We would make this stand out stainless steel, in America. Please pass along your feedback in the comments! If you like this as much as you liked the sheaths, we think we’d be able to make this available, for approximately $25, at the time that the replacement caps are shipping out.

 Side view of the Rockwell Stand

We added a hole in the bottom so water can drain out.


Thank you for all your ongoing support, we can’t wait to share some exciting news in our update next month!

Gareth and Morgan

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