KS Update #22 - Optional Razor Pickup

Hey Backers,

This update is mainly for our local backers, but also to let you know we’re still on schedule and the pieces we’ve seen and gotten to hand polishing look fantastic so far! We’re still looking at February 28th as the day razors ship out. That being said, we’d love to meet with some of our backers and give them their razor in person, if any of you would prefer picking your razor to having it shipped out to you! If you’re interested in picking your razor up, please send us an email with the subject “Razor Pickup” to info@rockwellrazors.com. Ryerson University has been kind enough to grant us some free office space for a few months, so next week we’ll send out an email to anyone interested with times we’ll be around for razor pick up. The space is very close to Yonge and Dundas (on the subway line, convenient!).

Thanks again for all your support and continued patience!

Gareth & Morgan

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