KS Update #21 - Weekly Update with Pictures of the Cap

Hey Backers!

Great news, the cap grinding and belt polishing is on schedule, and we have some pictures to share! We wanted to lead with pictures of the belt polish on the plates, as you’ll see right below. We’ve put the handle next the plates so you can get an idea of the polish matching that we’ve aimed for. This was the appearance we’d originally anticipated, and are happy to have achieved it, even though several more finishing steps than originally anticipated were required!

Here’s the belt polish on the safety bar. This has been done on each side of each one of the three plates that come with your Rockwell 6S.

Onto the cap! the grinding we’ve done on the underside of the cap has resulted in a belt-polish-like appearance, as you can see in the picture below:

But most importantly, the grinding has resulted in a surface that’s as flat as can be, resulting in the blade sitting as flat as was intended!

We’re spending the next few weeks assembling every razor to check the blade straightness on each plate, before we pack them and ship them all out at the same time. We’ll be keeping all of you posted on the progress each week. Thanks for all the support, and as always please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments!

Gareth and Morgan

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