KS Update #19 - Updated Shipping Timeline

ear Backers,

We’re happy to say we’ve worked out solutions to the aesthetic and functional issues the initial batch of Rockwell 6S’s experienced, and are prepared to share a new proposed timeline with all of you. In our initial batch, we approved polishing techniques used on the heads that would theoretically have matched the appearance as closely as possible to the appearance of the handle. Unfortunately, this polish did not scale as we expected when thousands of razors were polished at once, as opposed to the initial small batches we saw. Our finishing partners will now be belt polishing the flat surfaces of each piece, so scaling up to thousands of pieces won’t be a problem. The bowing issues on some of the caps will be corrected by grinding down the underside of the affected caps. Knowing these are the necessary solutions, we’re currently aiming to have all the razors and replacement shipped out by February 28th. Here’s our current target schedule:

February 9th - belt polishing and machine grinding completed 
February 23rd - quality control and additional hand finishing, as necessary, completed
February 27th - assembly and packaging completed
February 28th - shipment

We’ll be doing assembly and fulfillment ourselves now, and will be shipping all Canadian orders by Canada Post, and all US and International orders by USPS. We’ll be posting weekly updates to keep you posted on our progress, and to share pictures as the fixes come in.

We’ve received all requests for replacement parts, though if you have questions for us please direct them through the Kickstarter messages system. Thank you for your patience and support while we finish up all your Rockwell 6S’s!

Gareth and Morgan 
Co-Founders of Rockwell Razors

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