KS Update #15 - Great News and Shipping Updates

Hey guys,

Everything's in! We wanted to give you guys a peek at what everything looks like.

 Once they’re all packed up, we’ll be sending them in bulk from Toronto to the United States, where they’ll be picked up by USPS and shipped out to all you guys! This is the most affordable way for us to ship out to you guys, and once USPS picks them up you’ll all get tracking numbers. Also, by avoiding shipping services like UPS and Fedex, we’re hoping to save our international backers from any unnecessary duty taxes.

We’ve been getting some questions about the need to buy new soaps, brushes, and other shaving gear. We wanted to make sure you guys know the Rockwell 6S is designed to fit right into your shaving routine, no matter what you currently use. If you shave without soap, in the shower, Size 1 will work great for you. You can use aerosol gel, drugstore shave cream, or a higher-end soap and brush from a specialty store. The Rockwell 6S will have a perfect size for your skin, hair type, and chosen shaving regimen! Additionally, we designed the Rockwell 6S to make transitioning from cartridge shaving to Rockwell shaving completely seamless, with the Rockwell Size 1 making it virtually impossible to cut yourself when shaving with a classic razor for the first time. If you are interested in upgrading your shaving gear, we strongly suggest the store Gareth grew up down the road from (and are now online), www.menessentials.com . They have over 1600 different products and ship across North America. If you’re interested in classic razor tutorial videos, we highly recommend our friend and overall great guy, Sharpologist. His intro to classic shaving video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjhIy9rgWQU&list=PL2DB6D82F52BA7608.

We hope you guys love the look of the final product as much as we do, we can’t wait for all of you to get your Rockwell 6S’s and finding your perfect shave!

Gareth and Morgan

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