KS Update #14 - New Picture / We Still Need ~300 BackerKit Shipping Surveys Returned!

First off, check this out!:

As you can see, we cleaned up the knurling a bit but other than that, the most recent, idealized measurements and weighting are the same. It feels like a hammer and shaves like a near-death experience (get it?).

Similes aside, we do still have nearly 400 backers who haven’t responded to their shipping surveys from BackerKit, which means we don’t know where to send your Rockwell 6S! We’re locking the surveys down on December 1st so please respond soon. If you’re certain you haven’t gotten an email from BackerKit, your spam filter is probably as sensitive as a toddler with a sunburn, and the email likely got caught in there. Shoot us a message through Kickstarter letting us know you haven’t gotten an email from BackerKit and we’ll send you a direct link to your survey. If we don’t get your survey responses by December 1st we can’t guarantee that December delivery we’re all pretty stoked about, and that would be a bummer.

Just a quick reminder, these are the last couple weeks you guys can grab a Rockwell 6S for $69 CAD (about $61 USD, today). We think they make a pretty great gift, but we’re admittedly pretty biased.

Shoot us a message or comment if you have any questions, you know where to find us.

Gareth and Morgan

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