KS Update #13 - Surveys This Wednesday, A Quick BackerKit Tutorial, and Add-Ons

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a quick update with you guys to let you know surveys and reward selection will be going out this Wednesday, we’ll be working with the fine folks at BackerKit to help us with delivering you guys your rewards. Before you get invited to the BackerKit survey, we wanted to give some quick background on how BackerKit works, for those of you unfamiliar with the platform.

For those of you who’ve pledged for just one razor, it will be a very straightforward checkout process. You’ll input your delivery address of choice, and we’ll have a field for any notes about delivery that you want us to know. If you pledged for more than one razor, it’s slightly different but still super easy. We’ll explain with an example. Let’s say you pledged $207 and got in at the $69 level, BackerKit will automatically select one $69 razor reward, and you’ll be left with $138 in “credit”, which can be put towards 2 $69 razor “add-ons”, for a total of the 3 razors you pledged for. It all should be pretty straightforward, but if anyone has trouble, there will be a link for BackerKit support and they’ll be able to help you out.

Speaking of add-ons, we’ve been able to get a blade sampler pack together for you guys. The sampler pack will come with 2 blades from five different brands of razors, but as promised, each razor will come with enough blades to get you started as well. The blade sampler pack is for those of you who are interested in trying out a variety of razor brands to find their favourite. Those of you who have pledged for an engraving will be getting your engraving options in the surveys as well. There are some other add-ons we were hoping to offer you guys but it doesn't look like there will be time to get them manufactured on time and we don't want to delay the shipment of the Rockwell 6S for the sake of offering these add-ons. 

We’ve been working hard to keep everything on schedule for you guys, and more production pics will be coming soon. Thank you for all your ongoing support!

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