KS Update #11 - $120,000 Pledged (10x Our Goal): Tin Cases for Everyone!

We did it! All of our backers will be getting their razors shipped in the tin case that you guys helped us design, and we think that’s pretty awesome. When we started this process in April, we had a grand vision for a razor that would adjust to any and every man so that everyone could find their perfect shave, save hundreds of dollars a year on cartridges, and massively reduce their environmental impact. 25 days ago, this was still just an idea, and we came to Kickstarter to make this vision a reality with the first ever crowdfunded razor. It’s because of all of you, over 1750 awesome backers from 50 countries, that this has been possible, and we can’t thank you enough.

We’re also so proud of how much conversation you have all provided, with over 270 comments so far. Your feedback, advice, participation and support have been invaluable to us and has only made this campaign better.

We’ll be continuing to provide frequent updates, and will continue to share frequent updates to keep you guys as informed as possible, even after the Kickstarter closes in 3 days. We’ll continue to respond quickly to messages you guys send and keep an eye on the comments section to make sure any questions you have get answered. You guys have helped us turn our vision for a new razor into the start of real company, and we won’t forget it. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@RockwellRazors) and like us on Facebook (www.fb.com/RockwellRazors), we’ll be providing updates there as well.

Gareth & Morgan

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