KS Update #10 - $120,000 Stretch Goal: Tin Case

Thank you for all your suggestions regarding the Rockwell 6S case. As per your suggestions, we’ve made the top part of the case solid tin (no plastic panel), and slimmed the case down. We hope you like it! 

We’ve decided to officially announce this case as our $120,000 stretch goal, meaning that every single one of our backers will receive the Rockwell 6S in this awesome case if we reach that pledge level. Being more than 2/3 of the way there, with more than half the campaign left, we’re confident that we’ll get there with your support. In fact, if we can get there quickly, we might even be able to squeeze in an additional stretch goal after that ;) . We’ve created a page to make it really easy for you guys to share our campaign with your friends and followers.

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