KS Update #9 - Announcements / Feedback on Case Design

Hey guys,

We wanted to give our backers a peek at what we're working on as a special case for the Rockwell 6S. We're currently looking at having the case made out of tin, with a clear panel on the top so you can show off your hardware even when it's in the case. This case would be great to store the extra plates, hold the entire razor, and store your double-edge blades. It's also compact enough to make a great travel case. In coming up with this design, we wanted to make something we could manufacture quickly so we can still deliver on schedule.

Please feel free to pass on feedback in the comments, this is a work in progress and we value your opinions very highly. 

We also want your opinion on making this case a stretch goal at $150,000. This goal is absolutely attainable with your help as the campaign isn’t even half over and we’re already over halfway to $150,000! We know that our $500,000 stretch goal was ambitious, we were looking for media coverage but we never meant to discourage our backers. We hear you loud and clear on something more realistic as a reward for our backers, and want to get your feedback before we make any firm announcements.

We've learned a lot about Kickstarter from you guys, our backers, and we owe the success of this campaign to you. So, we are looking for feedback on ideas to build a great social campaign to continue to spread the word about the Rockwell Razors Kickstarter, and move us towards the stretch goal. We’re currently considering a push to get #shavemoney trending on Twitter (@RockwellRazors), but if you guys have other ideas you like more, we’d love to hear them. Also, we’re on the hunt for excellent razor puns, please send us any you have with #razorpuns in the tweet.

In case you missed it, here’s acclaimed Shave Tutor mantic59 shaving with a Rockwell 6S prototype, showing you just how easy it is to switch over to a Rockwell Razor! Be sure to like the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW9e1rPHUiA&feature=youtu.be

Thanks again for all your support, we can't wait to pass along more good news in the coming weeks!

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