KS Update #8 - See the Rockwell 6S Razor in Action!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for getting us to 600% funded!

We know you're all excited to see the Rockwell 6S in action, so we sent it to shaving expert Mantic59 at Sharpologist.com for review. Check out his video here to see how easy it is to shave with the Rockwell 6S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW9e1rPHUiA

This is the first review of the Rockwell 6S Razor and we're so excited it got a positive first showing! Mantic59 does a great job of explaining how the different Rockwell 6S sizes work, which makes sense as he is the shave tutor. Definitely check out his other videos on shaving, as well as his great website www.sharpologist.com 

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