KS Updates #7 - 5 Years of Free Blades For All Our Backers and Add-Ons

Learn more now: 5 Years of Free Blades for Every One of Our Backers

To our awesome backers: thank you for showing us there is worldwide demand for a razor that will save you money on cartridges and give you a better shave. We’ve raised $60,000 for the Rockwell 6S with 20 days left in our campaign. We’ve been working hard on stretch goals and add-ons and we have some big announcements.

STRETCH GOAL: With 20 days left on the clock at the momentum we have, we thought that we’d have our stretch goal swing for the fences. Your feedback from our survey indicated our backers are very interested in free blades. We’ve run the math and determined that if can raise $500,000 in this campaign, we can give all of our backers 5 years of free blades. Yup. We’ll send you 250 premium double-edge razor blades for free, anywhere in the world, shipping included. #5YearsFreeBlades

For those of you who are currently cartridge shavers, this is over $1000 of savings on buying cartridges over the next 5 years. This stretch goal doesn’t cost any of our backers any more money, but to make this happen we need help from each and every one of you. We’ve created a page to help you spread the word in 4 easy steps. Collectively, we would be saving over 22 metric tons of cartridge waste, which goes directly to landfills. Each person you tell about#5YearsFreeBlades brings us closer to our stretch goal.

ADD-ONS: Based on your feedback from the survey, we’re currently developing add-ons including a compact storage/travel case and a razor stand. We selected these add-ons based on your interest and the feasibility of having these delivered on time with the Rockwell 6S. We are currently working on the feasibility of having further add-ons ready within our delivery goals. 

In summary, you can help Rockwell Razors and get yourself closer to our stretch goal of $500,000 raised and #5YearsFreeBlades by going through our 4 easy steps

We know you’re going to have tons of questions about brands of blades, how they’ll ship, and many others. We’re currently working on an FAQ with details about the razor blades and add-on options, and a later survey to collect your opinions.

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