KS Update #5 - We have the best backers. (And FAQ on ordering more Rockwell 6S's / retail pricing)

To our wonderful backers, both present and future, 

This has been an awesome week. We thought it would be phenomenal if we could reach $12,000 raised in our campaign and, well, you guys blew that out of the water. Every message, comment, pledge, and share mean a ton to us because it shows us this product we've made, that we love, has interested people from around the world. We've sold out of 750 early bird razors in just over 72 hours. You guys (and girls) are the best, hands down.

We've had a lot of people messaging us about getting more than one razor, and we weren't sure if that was in line with Kickstarter's rules. So we looked into it. It turns out you can! Obviously 2x the pledge means we'll ship you two razors, 3x the pledge means three razors, etc. Please don't order more than 10 razors because then it is breaking Kickstarter rules and that's no fun.

Also, though the early bird razors are sold out, don't despair if you haven't pledged yet! The Rockwell 6S will retail for about $80, so grabbing it for $69 on our Kickstarter is still a pretty great deal. We're also committed to shipping the Rockwell 6S for free, worldwide, which likely won't happen again for a while.

Thank you again to everyone, we can't wait to ship you the final Rockwell 6S. Who knows, maybe this really is the first step in reinventing the shave.

Gareth & Morgan

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