KS Update #2 - Stretch Goals and Add-ons

We're totally blown away by all the support you guys have shown, and we've heard the overwhelming interest in stretch goals and add-ons. They're definitely happening. We're currently working out how we want the stretch goals and add-ons to work, but we also want to hear from you guys through the process, especially when it comes to what the add-ons will be! This is what we're hearing so far:

  • Shipment in a bamboo box
  • Razor stands
  • Travel bags
  • Lots of razor blades
  • Brushes (badger hair and synthetic)
  • Shaving soaps
  • Additional / alternate handles

We'd love to offer add-ons that our backers are really into, and we encourage you to sound off in the comments on what you'd like to see made available, and thoughts on the list above. We're so motivated by the incredible response to this campaign, we had no idea people were so interested in trashing cartridges and reinventing their shave!


Gareth & Morgan - Rockwell Razors

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