Yahoo Finance - Student-Run Shaving Startup Rockwell Razors Smashes Funding Goal in Under 24 Hours

The Rockwell 6S Razor has raised 250% of the campaign's funding goal, and is on track to raise over $250,000 on Kickstarter. The student co-founders of Rockwell Razors attribute their fundraising success to the massive demand for an innovative, well made razor that delivers real value.

TORONTO, Sept. 19, 2014 - A Kickstarter campaign by student-run startup Rockwell Razors was successfully funded in less than 24 hours and is on track to raise over $250,000 according to the Kickstarter tracking site Rockwell Razors' first product is a stainless steel, adjustable razor that uses inexpensive, recyclable double-edge blades. The company mission of "Customize your razor, stop buying cartridges, and reinvent your shave" is clearly catching on.

The co-founders of Rockwell Razors, Gareth Everard, 21, and Morgan Nordstrom, 20, have designed a razor that will eliminate the need to purchase razor cartridges, and will reduce the cutting and burning often caused by modern razors. Their solution is a re-engineered safety razor, which was the popular shaving tool in the 1900's until large shaving corporations began marketing more profitable, disposable razors. Unlike other razors, the Rockwell 6S design comes in six adjustable sizes, so every man can find his perfect shave. "We're thrilled at the response to our campaign" says Gareth, a fourth-year student at Western University. "It's great to see the Rockwell 6S resonate with so many people from around the world, who are rebelling against expensive cartridges and upgrading their shave".

Everyone has unique skin and facial hair, and the Rockwell 6S Razor reflects that. The Rockwell 6S comes with six different shave sizes, which are small adjustments in the angle and gap between the blade and the razor. The smallest size is perfect for men with fine hair and shorter stubble, while the largest size is perfect for men with thick, curly facial hair.

The double-edge razor blades used in the Rockwell Razor are a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors. The Rockwell 6S Razor's stainless steel components, all forged in the USA, will last a lifetime. Together this means enormous savings for users of the Rockwell 6S Razor.

Gareth Everard, a fourth-year science student, and Morgan Nordstrom, a third-year engineering student used rapid modeling to produce a series of 3D printed prototypes of the 6S razor. They refined the design with successive shave-ready prototypes over months before the co-founders reached out to advanced manufacturers to validate their design and launch the funding campaign. You can learn more at The Rockwell 6S is available on Kickstarter

Morgan explains, "We think this Kickstarter has exploded beyond our wildest expectations because there is a massive demand for an innovative, well-made razor that delivers real value."

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