New Rockwell 6S Shipping Update

New Rockwell 6S Shipping Update

Dear Rockwell customers,

We have fantastic news! The new Rockwell 6S razors that are now coming off the production line are meeting our quality standards and we will begin shipping orders this week.

To summarize the process, we receive razors in batches containing several hundred parts (caps, plates, handles) and then personally run each part through a detailed quality inspection. The razors that pass this inspection are then put into packaging and we prepare shipment paperwork to fill orders.

We have completed our inspection process for a first collection of razors that we will ship this week.  We will then return to inspecting, packing and shipping further batches.  Of course, we have several thousand orders to fill, which means we have several thousand razors to go through our QC process.  As a result, we're asking for your patience as we work through this process to ensure that the razor you receive is of the highest quality.

More than a year of design and manufacturing improvements have gone into the new Rockwell 6S, and we cannot wait for you to see them.  As always, please feel free to reach out to us as we work to QC and ship all the batches, and thank you for your ongoing support!

Gareth & Morgan
Co-Founders, Rockwell Razors

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